Why Kim Kardashian’s Unstoppable Ambition Continues to Drive Her Success Despite Already Being a Billionaire – Featured on Fortune Cover

Kim Kardashian is widely known as one of the most ambitious celebrities in the entertainment industry. The 42-year-old star has made a name for herself through her reality TV shows, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Kardashians. Additionally, she has established several successful businesses such as SKIMS, SKKY, and SKKN, which have contributed to her billionaire status. Despite her busy schedule, Kim has also been studying law. However, the reality TV star recently revealed that her drive to succeed is largely fueled by her insecurities. Over the years, the constant criticism and negative comments from others have taken a toll on her self-esteem, motivating her to prove her worth and exceed expectations. Therefore, Kim’s relentless pursuit of success is driven by the fear of being underestimated and undervalued by others.

Money mama: Kim Kardashian is one of the most ambitious stars out there. Now she has revealed why

Kim Kardashian, the go-getter celebrity, has recently shared the reason behind her success. Being a money mama is one of the factors that have contributed to her achieving great success.

Tell them: The siren told Fortune magazine she works so hard because she wants to prove all those nasty naysayers wrong

Kim Kardashian, who was recently named one of Fortune magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women, spoke to the publication about her relentless drive to succeed and prove her critics wrong. The reality TV star, known for turning her shapewear brand into a $4 billion empire, revealed that her next project is venture capital. However, she plans to do things differently by being fully hands-on and involved in the entire process instead of just investing in a founder and waiting for the payoff. According to producer Scott Budnick, Kardashian is dedicated to her work and goes all-in when she believes in something. Despite her busy schedule, Kardashian manages her time effectively by having a patient mindset and looking at the bigger picture.

She works hard for the money:. The diva, 42, has her reality TV shows Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Kardashians to her name. There are her businesses too: SKIMS, SKKY and SKKN that have helped make her a billionaire. Then there are her law school studies. But the TV star says she keeps going because of an insecurity

The famous diva, aged 42, has carved out her own niche with popular reality TV shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Kardashians. She has also built a successful business empire with ventures like SKIMS, SKKY, and SKKN that have helped her amass a billionaire status. Additionally, she is pursuing her law school studies with great dedication. However, Kardashian admits that insecurity drives her to keep striving for success. People who work closely with her have attested to the fact that in contrast to her onscreen persona, she is more professional and laid-back in person. Her colleagues describe her as a patient listener who takes in all available information before making decisions. Kardashian attributes this trait to years of being on the other side of the power dynamic and feeling unheard. She has embraced this approach in her latest venture too, partnering with former Burberry CEO and Apple SVP Angela Ahrendts as the senior operating advisor of SKKY Partners. In an interview, Kardashian shared her vision of an ideal portfolio company that features an active founder who puts their heart and soul into the business.

Chanel chick: Turns out all those naysayers have really gotten to her over the years. 'Maybe that¿s part of my drive, always feeling like people have underestimated me; maybe that¿s what keeps me going,' she shared

The lady who goes by the name of Chanel has revealed that the negative comments she has received from critics have fueled her drive over the years. In fact, it’s possible that being underestimated is what motivates her to keep going.

She expressed her curiosity in hearing about the aspirations and goals of others, stating that their unique perspectives can provide valuable insight. She emphasized the importance of possessing both the “magic sauce” and authenticity when it comes to building a successful brand. Furthermore, she clarified that her fund will not impose a specific aesthetic on the companies it collaborates with. Despite facing skepticism from others, she attributes her perseverance to her desire to establish a lasting impact. She speculated that perhaps her determination stems from a feeling of being underestimated by those around her.

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