“Unveiling the Hidden Battle: Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Adult Acne Struggle in her Forties and How SKKN Helps Conceal It”

During an interview with Refinery29, Kim Kardashian shared a personal secret about her skin. The reality TV star admitted to struggling with adult acne, but revealed that most people don’t notice because she covers it up well with makeup. Despite experiencing full bouts of acne, Kardashian has documented her journey and believes others would be shocked to learn about her experience. To manage her skin concerns, she experimented with various products and even incorporated ingredients she likes into her own luxury skincare brand, SKKN by Kim. Additionally, Kardashian recently confessed to facing challenges as a single mom after her divorce from Kanye West.

Secret struggle: Kim Kardashian revealed a secret about her skin in an interview with Refinery29 on Wednesday. The reality TV star, 42, opened up about struggling with adult acne and said most people don't notice because she keeps it concealed 'really well under makeup'

Kim Kardashian recently shared a secret about her skin during an interview with Refinery29. The reality TV icon, who is 42 years old, admitted to battling adult acne. However, she also revealed that she manages to hide it well under makeup, meaning that most people don’t even notice her skin issues.

The founder of SKIMS recently shared that she never expected to go through the journey of dealing with adult acne in her 40s. In addition, she has noticed that her skin has become more sensitive over time and has worked hard to identify the cause of her acne. Despite wondering if certain products should be eliminated from her skincare routine, she realized that avoiding oils did not help. Kardashian believes that hormonal changes or dietary adjustments may have contributed to her skin sensitivity. She expressed how fascinating it is to try new products and learn what works for her skin type. Although she has been open about her struggles with chronic psoriasis, she admits that finding a solution to clear the rashes has been frustrating, and she has given up on trying to figure out why it occurs. Kardashian thanks her mother for passing on this skin issue, as she is the only one of her siblings who has it.

Candid chat: The SKIMS founder said this journey was something she 'never thought I would experience in my 40s'

During a candid conversation, the creator of SKIMS expressed her surprise at the journey she’s currently on, stating that it’s something she never imagined experiencing in her 40s.

Opening up: The Kardashians star also revealed her skin as gotten more sensitive over the years and she worked really hard to pinpoint the cause of her acne

Sharing her personal experience, the famous personality from the Kardashian family disclosed that her skin has become more delicate as time passed. She also mentioned the efforts she put in to identify the root cause of her acne problem.

Relatable: In addition to dealing with adult acne, Kardashian also struggles with chronic psoriasis ¿ something she has been vocal about in the past

It’s easy to relate to Kardashian as she battles not only adult acne but also chronic psoriasis, a topic she has openly discussed before.

Sensitive skin: On the frustrating process of looking for a solution to clear the chronic rashes, she said she still does not know why it occurs and has 'kind of given up on trying to figure it out'

Dealing with sensitive skin can be quite a challenge. One woman shared her experience of constantly searching for a remedy to get rid of her chronic rashes, but unfortunately, she still can’t determine the exact cause. She has come to terms with accepting that it may be something she may never fully understand.

She expressed her ongoing confusion regarding her psoriasis and its triggers. Although she shared her experience of being stress-free and clear of psoriasis and also being stressed out and still not having psoriasis, she couldn’t understand it. Her psoriasis would sometimes flare up even when she was at peace with herself, which didn’t make sense according to the common belief. She had given up on trying to comprehend it.

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