Unveiling a Surprise: SKIMS Founder Kim Kardashian’s Hilarious Reaction to Wardrobe Mishap during Public Speaking Event

In the upcoming episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian experiences an unfortunate and painful wardrobe malfunction. The preview for next week’s episode, titled A Step In the Right Direction, shows the 42-year-old returning to Milan. In the clip, Kim shares a photo where her entire butt is exposed due to the malfunction, and also shares a video where she expresses discomfort while trying to remove the item of clothing. Surprisingly, Kim wore the same pants to a panel conversation at the iConnections’ Global Alts Conference held in February at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Wardrobe malfunction: Kim Kardashian suffers a rather unfortunate (and seemingly painful) wardrobe malfunction on next week's episode of The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian experiences an awkward and uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction in the upcoming episode of The Kardashians. The incident appears to have caused her some discomfort.

Whole butt: Kim shows a photo of a wardrobe malfunction where, as she describes, ¿my whole butt is out'

Kim shared a picture of a mishap with her outfit where her buttocks were exposed, and she described it as her “entire butt being on display.”

Stuck: She also shared a video where she says, ¿It¿s stuck to my f***ing a**¿ and when she tries to remove it she says, ¿It hurts so bad'

The female individual shared a video in which she expresses that an item is firmly attached to her buttocks. She exclaims that it’s causing her a considerable amount of pain while attempting to remove it.

The full outfit: Kim Kardashian' sfull look at the iConnections' Global Alts Conference in early February, held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Kim Kardashian rocked a complete outfit when she attended the iConnections’ Global Alts Conference in February. The conference was held at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

During a panel discussion with iConnections CEO Ron Biscardi and her business partner Jay Sammons, Kim Kardashian revealed in a confession that she felt uncomfortable on stage and had a wardrobe malfunction. She explained that she was “dying inside” and could feel a breeze in her behind. The panel discussed SKYY Partners, the private equity firm that Kim and Jay launched last year. The company is described as a next-generation consumer and media private equity firm co-founded by experienced disruptive brand investor Jay Sammons and global influencer, entrepreneur, and icon Kim Kardashian. Although it is unclear how the wardrobe malfunction occurred, Kim sat through the entire panel presentation wearing black pants with a shredded backside. In the Season 4 premiere, Kim mentioned that she needed to go back to Milan as part of her contract for serving as creative director of a Dolce & Gabbana show.

Dying inside: She explains in confession, ¿I was dying inside, sitting up on stage, like feeling a breeze like in my a**.

Experiencing agony within: In a moment of confession, she revealed, “I felt like I was in immense pain while sitting on the stage, as if there was a gust of wind blowing through my backside.”

On stage: Kim was joined by iConnections CEO Ron Biscardi and her business partner Jay Sammons, who she launched the private equity firm SKYY Partners with last September

During the event, Kim shared the stage with Ron Biscardi, CEO of iConnections, and Jay Sammons, her business partner in SKYY Partners, a private equity firm that they launched in September of last year.

Achieve: The panel featured Biscardi asking Kim and Jay what they hope to achieve with SKKY Partners

During the panel discussion, Biscardi questioned Kim and Jay about their goals for SKKY Partners and what they aim to accomplish with the venture.

Shredded: You would never know it from watching the panel presentation, but Kim apparently sat through the whole thing with black pants featuring a shredded backside

Kim was present throughout the panel presentation, but her outfit had a surprise element. She wore black pants that had a shredded backside, which was not noticeable at first glance.

Unclear: It isn't ultimately clear how the wardrobe malfunction happened in the first place, but we'll find out next week

Not entirely evident is the cause of the wardrobe malfunction, but we can expect to receive more information on the matter next week.

Full look: Kim Kardashian's full look at a Miami conference with her coat concealing a wardrobe malfunction in her behind

Kim Kardashian turned heads at a conference in Miami with her stunning outfit, but what caught everyone’s attention was how she managed to hide a wardrobe malfunction with her coat. Despite this little mishap, she still looked fabulous from head to toe.

Kim speaks: Kim speaks at the iConnections' Global Alts Conference in early February, held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

During the early days of February, Kim had the opportunity to speak at the Global Alts Conference hosted by iConnections at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

“I understand that attending may not be your preference, but I want you to know that you’re always welcome,” says the person speaking. Kourtney responds by expressing her gratitude and explains that she’s feeling a bit tired of the Dolce lifestyle, so she might have to decline this time around. However, she does mention that she’s always supportive of the other person’s endeavors. Kourtney goes on to say that she’s not a fan of how a specific incident played out and that there are deeper issues to discuss. The fourth season of the Kardashians will continue next week on Hulu with its third episode.

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