“Unfiltered Kim K Talks Caitlyn, Taylor, and Pepsi: The Juicy Scoop”

Kim Kardashian West recently gave an interview on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Despite being in the public eye for many years, Kim was able to reveal some interesting details about her life. During the interview, she opened up about her views on Kendall Jenner’s controversial Pepsi ad, stating that she did not see it until after it had caused uproar online. She also defended her sister and described her as a “sensitive” person who would never intentionally be negative. Kim also discussed how she tries to stay focused on her family by limiting her phone and social media usage, especially after the birth of her children and following the robbery incident. Andy Cohen’s pointed questions were able to extract some important information from Kim, even though she has been media-trained for years.

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The program Watch What Happens Live delivers a unique and interactive experience for its audience, where they can pose real-time inquiries to their beloved celebrities on live TV. One of the recent guests, Kim Kardashian, was asked about her communication with Taylor Swift following the Snapchat debacle. In response, Kim straightforwardly replied “no,” but her tone was sharp and witty, making it an unforgettable moment. Furthermore, Kim asserted that her actions had no effect on Kendall Jenner’s relationship with Taylor as Kendall was never associated with Taylor’s group. That’s gotta hurt!

Kim bravely took on the challenge of playing “Plead the Fifth” during the show, where she was required to answer a set of direct questions, but could only deflect one. To everyone’s surprise, Kim answered all the questions with honesty and transparency. One of the most striking revelations that Kim made was her agreement with the majority of the world when Kylie and Tyga broke up. She even went on to say that the split was amicable, at least from Kylie’s perspective. Kim also shared some insights on the relationship between her mother Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner. According to Kim, the likelihood of them ever speaking again is as low as 2%, and the only way that could change is if Kendall and Kylie were involved. That must have been a tough pill for everyone to swallow.

During the segment that followed her show, she shared details about her eating habits, revealing that she is quite a health-conscious person who has salads every day. Despite having a Kimoji that suggests she is 420-friendly, she avoids smoking weed or taking drugs, and only drinks alcohol on rare occasions. She credits her father for instilling the habit of moderate drinking in her. Like many women, Kim too felt the pressure to get married by the time she turned thirty. However, it was during her honeymoon that she realized that her second marriage with Kris Humphries (whose name she avoids mentioning) was not going to work out.

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