“The Untold Story of Selena Gomez’s Struggles with Mental Health After Her Trip to Australia: The Pressure of Body Image Expectations on Women”

Selena Gomez recently opened up about the negative impact paparazzi photos from her 2018 trip to Sydney had on her. The singer, who was in the city for her Stars Dance Tour, was photographed relaxing on a yacht in a bikini during her free time. Unfortunately, internet trolls took aim at Selena’s scars from her 2017 kidney transplant surgery and her changing body shape as she entered her mid-20s. In a recent interview with Fast Company, Selena spoke about the immense pressure she felt due to the online scrutiny. She even broke her social media break to address society’s unrealistic beauty standards and call out the criticism surrounding the paparazzi photos.

Selena Gomez has shared the intense emotional toll paparazzi photos from her trip to Sydney in 2018 had on her. Pictured

Selena Gomez recently opened up about how the paparazzi snapshots taken during her visit to Sydney in 2018 had a profound effect on her emotionally. The singer shared her feelings about the incident.

The 31-year-old artist visited the Harbour City in March of that year while she was on her Stars Dance Tour, and during her downtime she was photographed relaxing on a yacht in a bikini

In March of a certain year, while on her Stars Dance Tour, the artist, aged 31, paid a visit to Harbour City. During her leisure time, she was spotted in a bikini, relaxing on a yacht. The concept of beauty, which involves an unattainable definition of physical perfection that puts modern women in a never-ending cycle of despair, self-awareness, and self-hate, was described as the ‘beauty myth’ by the artist. She revealed to the press that she had already been struggling with body image problems following a photoshoot fitting that made her realise she no longer possessed a teenage body. She expressed embarrassment because none of the sample sizes fitted perfectly and questioned why it was unrealistic to expect a woman’s body to change over time.

Selena recalled internet trolls had a field day over paparazzi photos of her baring scars from her 2017 kidney transplant surgery and her naturally-changing shape as she began to enter her mid 20s

Selena remembered how cyberbullies took advantage of paparazzi pictures revealing her scars from the surgery she underwent in 2017 and her body changes as she reached her mid-twenties.

Gomez says she was made aware of criticism to the paparazzi photos, and broke her social media break to call out society¿s unachievable beauty standards

According to Gomez, she became aware of the criticism directed at her paparazzi photos and subsequently ended her social media hiatus to address society’s unrealistic beauty standards. She highlighted that she had moments when she felt negative about her body due to the pictures she saw on Instagram, wishing her body looked like those of other people. The singer, who is known for being candid about her mental health, revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020. She explained to the magazine that she went through a difficult phase, experiencing highs and lows, and struggled to manage her emotions.

'The beauty myth ¿ an obsession with physical perfection that traps modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self-consciousness, and self-hatred as she tries to fulfil society's impossible definition of flawless beauty,' she explained

According to her, the beauty myth is a fixation with achieving physical perfection that confines women to a continuous cycle of despair, insecurity, and self-loathing as they strive to meet society’s unattainable standards of flawless beauty.

Gomez told the outlet that she had already been grappling with body image issues after going through an uncomfortable photoshoot fitting, where she realised she no longer had a 'teenager's body'

Gomez shared with the outlet that she had been dealing with insecurities about her body image ever since a photoshoot fitting left her feeling uncomfortable. This experience made her realize that she was no longer in possession of a young teenager’s body. As a result, she has struggled to push through and fulfill her obligations. However, she reveals that after receiving her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, she felt a sense of relief and understanding. Gomez sought out second opinions and consulted with doctors, which has helped her to cope with her condition and make it through each day. She feels fortunate to have access to a support system that assists her in dealing with her struggles.

'None of the sample sizes were fitting, and that would make me feel embarrassed,' she explained. 'Although, how unrealistic is it to expect a normal woman's body not to change?'

She expressed her disappointment, saying that the sample sizes didn’t fit her well and it made her feel embarrassed. She further added that it’s unrealistic to expect a woman’s body not to change over time.

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