The Truth Behind the ‘Not Kourtney’ Group Chat: Kourtney Kardashian Sets the Record Straight Amidst Feud with Sister Kim

Kourtney Kardashian has dismissed claims made by her sister Kim Kardashian that her friends are part of an anti-Kourtney group chat. The siblings engaged in a bitter argument in the season four premiere of their TV show, with Kim alleging that Kourtney’s close friends had joined a WhatsApp group dedicated to discussing her. The feud began last season when Kim was accused of copying Kourtney’s wedding theme for a nineties-themed collection with Dolce & Gabbana. Kourtney has since taken to Instagram to prove that her friends are not involved, sharing a screenshot of friends Allie Rizzo Sartiano and Simon Huck denying Kim’s accusations.

Feud: Kourtney Kardashian has shut down sister Kim Kardashian 's claims that her friends are in an anti-Kourtney group chat

Kourtney Kardashian has dismissed her sister Kim Kardashian’s statement that her pals are involved in a group chat that opposes Kourtney.

Sisters: The TV personality, 44, and the SKIMS founder, 42, engaged in a vicious war of words in the season four premiere of The Kardashians as their feud boiled over

The fourth season premiere of The Kardashians showcased a heated exchange between TV personality Kourtney and SKIMS founder Kim, where their feud reached its boiling point. Kourtney clarified who was part of the “not Kourtney” group chat by responding to a fan’s comment on her baby shower post and confirmed that it included her sisters Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. She also shared a screenshot of a text message conversation between her friends Simon Huck and Allie Rizzo Sartiano to prove that they were not involved in the chat. The argument began when Kim expressed concerns over changes in Kourtney’s personality since her marriage to Travis Barker in May 2022, which led to a confrontation between the two sisters. Kim also alleged that Kourtney’s kids had come to her with problems about their mother.

Defending: To show that her friends had no part in the chat, she shared a screenshot of a text message conversation between her close pals Simon Huck and also Allie Rizzo Sartiano

To prove her friends’ innocence in the chat, she decided to share a screenshot of a text conversation with her close buddies Simon Huck and Allie Rizzo Sartiano.

Thrown 'under the bus': Simon then wrote, 'Kim threw us all under the bus when there was not one actual friend on the chat'

Simon claimed that Kim betrayed their group by throwing them “under the bus” during a chat session, despite not having any real friends in the group.

Pushing back: Kourtney also pushed back against her sisters after learning they had a 'Not Kourtney' chat to discuss her

Kourtney pushed back against her sisters when she found out they had a group chat without her to discuss her. The conversation ended with Kourtney in tears, calling Kim an egotistical narcissist and telling her she hates her. Some of Kourtney’s fans agree with her sisters’ assessment, saying that Kourtney has lost herself in her husband and doesn’t know who she is anymore. However, others have come to Kourtney’s defense, advising her to cut off her mean family and to be true to herself. One fan even complimented Kourtney on her pregnancy and expressed sadness over the issues with Kim.

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