Selena Gomez’s unexpected collaboration with Coldplay at Rose Bowl leaves fans in awe as they perform the 2021 hit “Let Somebody Go” together.

Unexpectedly, Selena Gomez pleasantly surprised Coldplay supporters with an impromptu appearance at their concert on Sunday evening. The renowned British rock band was in the midst of a performance at the Rose Bowl Stadium near Los Angeles when the 31-year-old actress and singer unexpectedly appeared on stage. Selena joined frontman Chris Martin, 46, after he began singing the band’s recent hit Let Somebody Go, which initially featured additional vocals from the Only Murders In The Building star. He invited two young fans from the audience to accompany him on an electric piano as he began performing what appeared to be a solo version of the original vocal duet. However, as Chris started playing and singing, the stadium erupted in a thunderous cheer as Selena strutted out mid-song, stunning the two young fans on stage.

Star power: Selena Gomez, 31, made a surprise appearance with Coldplay on Sunday night at the band's Rose Bowl concert in Pasadena

Selena Gomez, an incredibly talented 31-year-old artist, surprised fans at Coldplay’s concert on Sunday night by making an appearance on stage at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

It takes two: Selena joined frontman Chris Martin for a version of their 2021 duet Let Somebody Go, which was released on the band's album Music Of The Spheres; seen September 30 in Pasadena

Selena Gomez recently made a surprise guest appearance at a Coldplay concert, joining frontman Chris Martin for a performance of their 2021 duet Let Somebody Go. Selena looked stunning in a chic black long-sleeved dress, shimmering black boots, and thick silver hoop earrings framing her impeccably made-up face. The rest of the band had seemingly gone backstage, leaving Chris Martin alone on stage before Selena joined him. The lights were turned down for an intimate moment that made Selena’s all-black outfit and dark hair almost disappear in the dim light. The duet then turned into a trio when singer H.E.R., dressed in a purple sequined sweatsuit, stepped out of the shadows and took the spotlight for a moving guitar solo. Selena and H.E.R. high-fived and looked visibly overwhelmed by the guest appearance. Videos of the performance were shared on both Selena and Coldplay’s Instagram accounts.

Looking good! Selena looked chic and stylish in a black long-sleeve dress with a maxi skirt. She wore her long raven tresses in voluminous waves that fanned out over her shoulders and back

Selena appeared absolutely stunning! She donned a long-sleeved black dress with a flowing maxi skirt, showcasing her impeccable fashion sense. Her gorgeous raven locks were styled in voluminous waves that gracefully cascaded over her back and shoulders.

On point: Her thick silver hoop earrings framed her impeccably made-up face, and she sported sparkling black boots

Spot on: The well-crafted makeup on her face was accentuated by the thick silver hoop earrings that adorned her, and she completed her look with a pair of glistening black boots.

Sweet: Selena stepped onto the stage and shocked two young fans who had at first joined Chris on the electric piano. She gave a hug to one of the fans

Selena made a surprise appearance on stage, much to the delight of two young fans who were playing the electric piano with Chris. As soon as she strutted onto the stage, the two fans were taken aback and couldn’t believe their eyes. Selena gave one of the fans a warm hug, spreading joy and excitement amongst the crowd.

Shredding: The duet turned into a trio when H.E.R. stepped out in a sequin-covered purple sweatsuit and added more vocals and a blistering guitar solo

During the performance, H.E.R. joined Selena and Coldplay on stage, adding her powerful vocals and an impressive guitar solo to the mix. This turn of events delighted the audience, as seen in Selena’s video of the performance, which showed fans capturing the moment with their phones. Selena later shared a mirror selfie on Instagram, flaunting her black dress and fishnet stockings while thanking Coldplay and H.E.R. for an unforgettable night.

The song that was performed, “Let Somebody Go,” was originally started in 2019 and completed in 2021. Although Selena did not contribute to its writing, she has been part of its live performances since 2019. Chris Martin credited his daughter for inspiring a chord in the song, although this did not lead to her receiving credit among the ten listed songwriters. The song was initially considered for inclusion in Coldplay’s 2019 album but was eventually added to their 2021 LP, Music of the Spheres.

Back in black: Selena shared a photo of her slinky black dress and fishnet stockings in her dressing room while thanking Coldplay and H.E.R.

Selena expressed her gratitude towards Coldplay and H.E.R while giving fans a glimpse of her glamorous attire. She shared a picture of herself in a sleek black dress and fishnet stockings taken inside her dressing room. The outfit was undoubtedly stunning and made a bold statement.

Old school: She originally debuted the song in an October 2021 performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden; seen September 12 in Newark, New Jersey

New Version: Back in October 2021, Selena performed “Let Somebody Go” on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Despite only reaching the 90s on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, the song managed to climb to number 24 on the Adult Top 40 chart and secure the ninth spot on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. It also performed well in other countries including the UK.
Recently, Selena has been enjoying the success of her latest release, “Single Soon.” Meanwhile, rumors circulated among fans after she and Hailey Bieber were spotted at the same Parisian restaurant during Fashion Week. However, TMZ clarified that they were dining on separate floors and had no contact before leaving.

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