Selena Gomez’s heartfelt tattoo tribute to Justin Bieber

It’s a common belief that true love is eternal, but the same can’t be said for Selena Gomez’s tattoo tribute to Justin Bieber. During her Las Vegas show, she showed off a poorly written ‘Justin’ with a little heart underneath it. The marking seemed to have been made with a magic marker.

Tattoo good to be true? Selena Gomez seemed to have had Justin Bieber's name tattooed on her wrist at Las Vegas this weekend

Is it for real or just too good to be true? Selena Gomez was spotted at Las Vegas with what appears to be a tattoo of Justin Bieber’s name on her wrist.

Not so magic: On closer inspection it is clearly just a magic marker scribble on her wrist

Upon closer examination, it is evident that the marking on her wrist is merely a scribble made with a magic marker. A representative of the celebrity has confirmed that the marking is not permanent. Nevertheless, the marking serves as another indication of the growing seriousness of the relationship between the two young idols. The male admirers of the attractive Latina are certain to be disappointed upon realizing that the marking is not a genuine tattoo. They were undoubtedly thrilled when they saw her stunning gold dress that hugged her figure.

Dressed to impress: Surely Selena would not have worn this sexy figure hugging dress on the Disney channel

Looking stunning: It’s safe to say that Selena Gomez wouldn’t have chosen this beautiful bodycon dress for her appearances on the Disney channel.

Dancing for her supper: No doubt Selena was looking forward to a bite to eat after her exhausting performance

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