“Selena Gomez shares her journey of self-discovery and musical growth in Vogue interview: Insights on her Spanish-Language EP, struggles with Bipolar Disorder, Lockdown Anxiety, and overcoming her Disney Image”

This week, Selena Gomez is all set to release her new EP in Spanish titled “Revelación”. The 28-year-old singer from Texas unveiled her April cover for Vogue magazine on Tuesday, which aims to promote her latest collection of songs. The EP comprises tracks that range from the up-tempo “Baila Conmigo” to the catchy “Selfish Love.” In an extensive interview with the magazine, Selena opened up about her recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder and how she deals with it. She also expressed her desire to shed her Disney image and prove her worth as an actress. Furthermore, she spoke about how she coped with anxiety and pain during the COVID-19 lockdown.

She looks better than ever: Selena Gomez has a new Spanish-language EP, entitled Revelacion. And this week the 28-year-old Texas native has landed on the cover of Vogue to promote her new collection of songs

Selena Gomez has launched a fresh Spanish-language EP called “Revelación” and graces the cover of Vogue to promote her latest collection of tracks. During her interview, she candidly opens up about her time in rehab and how it taught her the importance of listening to her body and mind when she needs help. She also delves into her personal life, including her past relationship with ex Justin Bieber, acknowledging that it became a cycle of pessimistic thoughts. Gomez was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and shares how having this information has made it less daunting for her. To maintain good health, she has taken a step back from social media, realizing that it was contributing to her stress and anxiety. Despite her success, Gomez continues to manage her posts without the assistance of a manager.

Cover gal: In her wide-ranging interview the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber talked about her recent bipolar diagnosis and how she copes with it, why she wants to shake her Disney image and prove she has a lot to bring to a movie, and what she did to deal with her anxiety and pain over lockdown from COVID-19

In a recent interview, Selena Gomez opened up about her bipolar diagnosis and how she manages the condition. The former girlfriend of Justin Bieber also discussed her desire to distance herself from her Disney image and establish herself as a serious actress. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Selena struggled with anxiety and pain like everyone else. She admitted that her fame makes navigating relationships difficult and expressed a desire for a fresh start in that area of her life. Photographer Nadine Ijewere captured stunning images of Selena for the interview.

Isolation: The beauty, who was photographed by Nadine Ijewere, also talked about how lockdown has been hard for her

During an interview with Nadiene Ijewere, Isolation opened up about the challenges she faced during the lockdown. Due to her empathetic nature, she found it difficult to watch CNN as she would easily cry for the pain of others. The model expressed her concern over the number of unnecessary deaths caused by the Trump administration. While she initially felt unsure of how to speak up about the Black Lives Matter movement, Isolation decided to educate herself on the matter instead of simply sharing a picture online. To support the cause, she entrusted her Instagram account to Kimberlé Crenshaw and Alicia Garza. Additionally, Isolation interviewed Stacey Abrams for She Se Puede, a digital organization.

Building the hype: Gomez unveiled the track listing for her upcoming Spanish-language EP, entitled Revelacion, as well as a new article of album art

Gomez recently revealed the track list for her new EP, Revelation, along with a fresh album art to create hype. Her engagement with politician Abrams was noteworthy as Gomez expressed her disinterest in conventional politics and a desire to tackle real issues. This makes her an empowered voter who believes in positive change. Besides, Gomez also talked about her acting career and how she is yet to explore its full potential. Being a Disney kid, she felt the pressure to maintain a perfect image as she was looked up to by kids.

A new look: She has already released a music video to go with her album; seen here from Baila Conmigo

An accompanying music video for her album, Baila Conmigo, has already been released by Gomez. She stated that she used to try to say the right things to people just to keep herself sane, as she was a people-pleaser for many years. Furthermore, she wants Hollywood to see her as more than just a “Disney girl.” Currently, she is working on Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin and Martin Short. Recently, she revealed the track listing for her new EP Revelación and shared an article about the upcoming album. While she first hinted at a Spanish-language project in 2011, it was only with the release of De Una Vez in January 2021 that her past statements were confirmed. The music video received critical acclaim for its visuals. Mural installations featuring various song titles in Sayulita, Mexico, further fueled rumors about the EP. The album consists of seven songs, three of which feature collaborations with Raúl Alejandro, Myke Towers, and DJ Snake. Revelación will be released on March 12th.

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