“Milan Fashion: Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Legs in a Bold Orange Mini Skirt”

Selena Gomez caused a stir when she arrived in Milan, Italy for a Sephora beauty event on Monday. Her natural features were accentuated by a stunning bronzed makeup palette, while her brunette hair was styled into a chic bun. She proudly flaunted her gorgeous outfit and even grabbed a microphone to give a quick speech. Interestingly, the Rare Beauty founder recently hinted at new music in a short video shared on her TikTok account on Wednesday.

Fashionable: With a bold and stylish entrance, she paired an eye-catching green top with chic black heels to complete her ensemble.

Selena looked stunning with her bronzey makeup that highlighted her natural beauty, and she opted for a bun to style her brunette locks. The talented artist’s EP, RevelaciĆ³n, which was in Spanish, was released last year. In a recent video, she briefly appeared in a recording studio, but the clip didn’t have any music, and there was barely any sound. Selena effortlessly rocked her black leather jacket with a matching blouse, and she completed the look with thin gold hoop earrings that complimented her prominent pout. She looked directly into the camera while tilting her head, exuding coolness and confidence.

Incredible: With a playful demeanor, she twirled around delightfully, proudly displaying her stunning attire. Afterward, she confidently took hold of a microphone and delivered a brief but impactful speech.

The brand launch for Brae Beauty attracted a number of well-known individuals. Among them was the actress Selena Gomez, who sported her signature black hair styled in a ponytail with loose strands framing her face. In the video clip, she was seen wearing studio headphones and bathed in pink and purple lights. There was no audible sound except for the rustling of her clothes as she moved around. Selena’s caption “New” hinted at the release of new music soon, which she confirmed in a recent interview with ET. She revealed that she had already started working on the music despite her busy schedule. Selena’s most recent music release was the collaborative track “Let Somebody Go” with Coldplay, which was released in February. However, unlike most of her previous music work, she was not credited as a songwriter on this track.

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