“Kim K’s Playful Encounter with a Mystery Man During Live Chat as ‘Samantha’ while Recalling Teenage Pranks at the Mall Hotline”

During a recent episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Kim Kardashian got nostalgic about her teenage years and revealed how she and her sisters would use a 1-900 live chat hotline to try and meet men at the mall when they were just 15 years old. However, instead of meeting them, they would stand them up and secretly take Polaroid photos of the men who came to meet them. Kim even got the number from her sister Kourtney and pretended to be someone else named Samantha while flirting with a stranger. This conversation took place while Khloe was preparing for the opening of her Good American store and reminiscing about getting her ears pierced at that very same mall. Despite the store being a nightmare, Khloe’s trip down memory lane with her CEO friend Emma Grede was a welcome distraction.

Kim flirting: Kim Kardashian reminiscing about her past as a mischevious teenager led to her flirting with a man on a live chat call on Hulu's The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian got a bit flirty during a recent live chat call on Hulu’s The Kardashians. It all started when she was reflecting on her younger years as a mischievous teenager. This led to some playful banter with a man on the call.

Bad dream: While watching the latest episode, titled When Will It Be Okay to be Myself, I witnessed Khloe Kardashian getting ready for the grand opening of her Good American brand’s first-ever physical store located in Century City mall.

Live chat: She also opened up about how the sisters used to use a 1-900 live chat hotline to try and get men to meet them at that mall, when they were just 15

During a candid conversation, Khloe shared that she and her sisters used to try to meet men at the local mall when they were just 15 years old. The girls would call a 1-900 live chat hotline and ask the men to meet them at the mall. Kim added that they would take Polaroid pictures of the guys they stood up, and even had a book full of them. Khloe mentioned that Kourtney still remembered the phone number, which was censored out during the broadcast. In a humorous moment, Kim called the number and pretended to be someone else, but quickly hung up after laughing with her sisters. She even joked about saving the number in her phone. The story highlights the mischievous behavior of the Kardashian sisters during their teenage years.

Sunglasses: Khloe puts on some sunglasses and looks into the camera and says, 'This mall has been around for years. You should ask Kourtney and Kim. They used to call 1-900 numbers and ask gentlemen to meet them here'

Khloe dons a pair of shades and peers into the lens while sharing, “This shopping center has been here for ages. You might want to ask Kourtney and Kim about it. They used to dial up 1-900 lines and invite gents to rendezvous at this spot.”

Mall: Kim reveals in confession, 'So we would talk to these guys. We would be like 15, and then they would be like, 'OK, meet me at Blockbuster at the mall.' And we'd see the poor guy and we'd stand him up and we'd take a Polaroid and we have a book of Polaroids of these guys that we would stand up at the mall'

Kim made a shocking revelation in her confession, stating that when she was 15, she and her friends used to talk to guys and arrange meetings at the mall’s Blockbuster store. However, they would never show up and instead take a Polaroid of the guy as a prank. Kim and her friends had a book of Polaroids of the guys they stood up at the mall.

Number: Khloe reveals back at the mall that, 'Kourtney still remembers the phone number,' as it cuts back to Kim in confession, calling Kourtney, asking if she remembers the 1-900 number

During a visit to the mall, Khloe shared that Kourtney still remembered a phone number. The scene then shifted to Kim, who was in confession and calling Kourtney to confirm if she remembered the 1-900 number.

By heart: 'Yeah, I know it by heart. She says the number but it's censored out of the broadcast, but Kim calls it, and it's still a 'live chat' number

Off the top of my head: “Oh, I’ve got it memorized. Even though the number is bleeped out on the show, Kim mentions it during the live chat so it’s still in use.”

Hanging up: 'This is (censored) where naughty is nice. Your live chat starts now,' the voice says, but Kim says, 'Kourtney, you talk, you talk,' but Kourtney says, 'I'm hanging up'

As the voice on the other end of the line announces their naughty chat service, Kim urges Kourtney to take over the conversation. However, Kourtney simply decides to end the call and hangs up.

Chris: A man's voice comes on the line as Kim says, 'Hey, this is Samantha,' while trying to disguise her voice a bit, as he says his name is Chris and he's from Ventura, California

As Kim introduces herself as “Samantha” over the phone, a male voice responds with “Hey” and reveals that his name is Chris. He hails from the city of Ventura, which is located in California.

Hang up: Kim/Samantha says, 'I stay in Ventura County' while trying not to laugh, as he says, 'Oh that's great. I love Ventura, that's so good,' but Kim says, 'You guys,' and hangs up the phone with a laugh

Kim or Samantha mentions that she resides in Ventura County, trying to hold back laughter while saying how much she loves it there. However, she abruptly ends the call with a chuckle, saying “you guys.”
Meanwhile, Khloe confesses that they are at Century City mall, standing in the very first Good American retail store that is not yet ready for opening in a couple of weeks. She mentions getting her ears pierced in the same mall but only ended up with one piercing on each side as her mom had to drag her back to finish the second one.
Good American CEO Emma Grede shows Khloe the blueprints of the store and admits that the project is currently a nightmare, citing that it is over budget, over time, and two weeks delayed in opening four different stores. Emma informs Khloe that the soft opening will be delayed until May instead of April as planned.
Khloe feels stressed out with one problem after another, saying that nobody warned her about these things when she was younger. When Khloe asks if Vegas is still on track, Emma says that nothing is on track because of the supply chain crisis, adding that it’s a nightmare.
Despite all the setbacks, Khloe remains hopeful about opening 50 or so stores, depending on how the first three go this year. Emma emphasizes that they want to get everything right, even if it’s currently a nightmare, as long as all the stores open by the end of the year.

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