Kim Kardashian’s Surprise Video Brings Gunshot Survivor to Tears After SKIMS Bodysuit Miracle: ‘Your Story Moved Me’

Kim Kardashian surprised a female survivor of gun violence, Nina Wiley, with a video message during her appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. Nina had previously gone viral for sharing her story on how a bodysuit from Kim’s brand SKIMS saved her life. Kim expressed her admiration for Nina and wished her well in her recovery, while also congratulating her on pursuing a degree in criminal justice. She concluded the message by sending over some SKIMS products for Nina to enjoy and wishing her all the best.

Surprise message: Kim Kardashian, 42, sent a surprise video message to a female gunshot survivor who claims that a bodysuit from her brand SKIMS saved her life

Imagine the shock when a female gunshot survivor received a video message from none other than Kim Kardashian, aged 42. The survivor had claimed that a SKIMS bodysuit from Kardashian’s brand had saved her life, and it seems that Kardashian wanted to reach out and offer some words of comfort.

Emotional: Nina Wiley, 22, who went viral in July after she shared her story of surviving gun violence, was appearing on The Jennifer Hudson Show, when the host surprised her with a message from the reality star

Nina Wiley, a 22-year-old who went viral in July after sharing her story about surviving gun violence, recently had an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. During the show, the host surprised Nina by showing her a message from a reality star. Nina was so overwhelmed that she teared up and thanked Kanye West’s ex-wife for the kind gesture. She received two big bags of SKIMS goodies from the reality star. Before the surprise message, Nina recounted the night she was shot multiple times while leaving a New Year’s Eve party. She believes that wearing SKIMS shapewear saved her life that night. She described leaving a club and walking across the street to grab food from a taco truck when she found herself in the middle of a shooting. Nina was struck by bullets four times and still has one bullet inside her stomach that ruptured her bladder.

Sweet: 'I loved hearing your story, and I'm just thinking of you as you continue to recover,' Kim said, brining Nina to tears

Kim’s words touched Nina’s heart, bringing tears to her eyes. “Your story was amazing, and I’m keeping you in my thoughts as you heal,” Kim expressed with warmth.

Encouragement: She then encouraged Nina on her career path: 'I hear that you are pursuing a degree in criminal justice and I wanted to say congratulations. Study hard, it's not easy'

Giving encouragement: She proceeded to give Nina some words of encouragement regarding her chosen career path. ‘Congratulations on pursuing a degree in criminal justice! It’s not an easy path, so make sure to study hard.’

Gifts: Kim concluded her message saying: 'I sent you over some SKIMS products for you. I just want you to have fun today and I'm wishing you guys all the best'

Presents: In her message, Kim mentioned that she had sent over some SKIMS goodies for the recipient and encouraged them to enjoy their day. She also wished them all the best.

SKIMS fan: Prior to Kim's surprise message Nina chatted with Jennifer about the night she was shot multiple times while leaving a New Year's Eve party, and why she believes wearing SKIMS shapewear saved her life that night

A devoted SKIMS supporter shared on social media that they were touched by Kim Kardashian’s unexpected message. Before that, Nina had a conversation with Jennifer about the time she got shot multiple times while exiting a New Year’s Eve gathering and how she thinks wearing SKIMS shapewear was a lifesaver on that fateful night.

Goodies: At the end of her interview Nina received two big bags of SKIMS goodies

Nina was pleasantly surprised to receive a bountiful collection of SKIMS merchandise after her interview. She joyfully carried two immense bags filled with goodies as she left.

During the discussion, Nina recounted her recovery process, which involved undergoing physical therapy. She became emotional as she recalled how she struggled to perform basic tasks such as walking and using the bathroom. Hudson then asked Nina to explain why she believed that SKIMS had helped save her life. Nina responded with a touch of humor, saying that she may have chosen a size too small for her body, prompting laughter from the audience. She went on to explain that the shapewear played a crucial role in providing compression when she was shot, ultimately changing the trajectory of the bullet. She revealed that doctors had warned her that the bullets could have been fatal, and she had been shot four times. Despite the ambulance taking a while to arrive, Nina believes that SKIMS played a vital role in keeping her alive. She added that doctors typically apply pressure as a first response, but she was already wearing SKIMS, which helped keep the pressure in check. Kim Kardashian West had previously shared a TikTok video in which Nina credited SKIMS with saving her life.

'Saved my life': In July Kim was left in shock upon discovering that one of her SKIMS bodysuits had saved a fan's life, and reposted Nina's initial TikTok video to her own Instagram Stories

“Incredible rescue”: Back in July, Kim was blown away when she learned that a devoted follower’s life had been saved thanks to one of her SKIMS bodysuits. She even shared Nina’s original TikTok clip on her own Instagram Stories as a tribute.

Wow: At the beginning of the viral video Nina stated 'Kim Kardashian saved my life' as she explained the SKIMS bodysuit 'was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out'

Oh, my! In a viral video, Nina exclaimed that she owes her life to Kim Kardashian. She shared how the SKIMS bodysuit saved her from bleeding out as it was tightly holding her body.

In the video, Nina shared how Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS shaping bodysuit saved her life when she got shot four times on New Year’s Eve. According to her, the tight bodysuit prevented her from bleeding out and acted as a body armor for women. She even recommended it to others and planned to buy more for herself. Angelina also credited Kim for her fate and concluded the video by calling it “Kim” instead of fate or Jesus. Meanwhile, Kim reposted the video on TikTok and simply added “wowww” along with a praying hands emoji.

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