“Kim Kardashian’s Fierce Response to Son Saint as He Stands up to the Paparazzi After Basketball Game”

Kim’s kids have previously spoken out against the paparazzi.

Kim Kardashian was not pleased when her son, Saint, made a rude gesture towards the paparazzi. The reality star scolded her 7-year-old after he flipped off the cameras following his basketball game in Los Angeles on Friday. Kim was seen with a serious expression on her face while she watched Saint use his middle finger to express his displeasure. She was joined by one of Saint’s teammates and dressed in a strapless top, high-waisted jeans, dark shades, towering beige pumps, an oversized watch, and a black quilted purse. Meanwhile, Saint wore his white basketball jersey and couldn’t resist a chuckle as they encountered photographers in the parking lot of an Islands restaurant.

As seen in a photograph from Splash Photos, the young child made a playful middle finger gesture which earned him a rebuke from his mother, Kim. The pair were attempting to navigate their way through a group of paparazzi to reach their vehicle when the incident occurred.

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