Kim Kardashian’s Acting Debut: Playing the Witty Publicist Siobhan Corbyn on American Horror Story Season Premiere “Delicate”

On the season premiere of American Horror Story: Delicate on FX, Kim Kardashian made her scripted TV debut playing the role of Siobhan Corbyn, a sassy publicist. The 42-year-old reality star delivered some memorable lines in the episode titled Multiply Thy Pain as she met with her client Anna Victoria Alcott, played by Emma Roberts. Siobhan’s sharp tongue was on full display as she barked into her phone, “Then tell the Daniels to suck my clit. She’s not missing a press day for a f***ing commercial shoot!” Siobhan then added, “It’s exhausting being better than everyone,” before turning to face her client who complained about having to sign autographs on old photos from her time as a child actor.

Scripted television: Kim Kardashian made her scripted TV debut playing a sassy publicist on Wednesday's season premiere of American Horror Story: Delicate on FX

Kim Kardashian has made her debut in scripted television by playing the role of a bold publicist in the season opener of American Horror Story: Delicate on FX. During the show, Siobhan advised Anna that her fans would share more images if she worked harder. Anna mentioned that her previous publicist Dede didn’t make her do such things. However, Siobhan pointed out that Anna had moved to her firm because Dede was outdated and added that she had pitched a profile for The Times. Siobhan’s phone beeped while they were talking about the interview, and it turned out that Andy Cohen wanted to interview Anna alone. This would be Anna’s first late-night appearance, and Siobhan was thrilled. She asked Anna to autograph a doll of herself for a fan who was promoting for the Oscars.

Sassy publicist: The 42-year-old reality star portrays publicist Siobhan Corbyn, who is best friendss with her actress client Anna Victoria Alcott, played by Emma Roberts, 32, a veteran of the FX anthology horror series

A spunky publicist, portrayed by a 42-year-old reality star, takes on the role of Siobhan Corbyn. Her character is close friends with Anna Victoria Alcott, a famous actress played by Emma Roberts, aged 32, who has starred in the FX anthology horror series.

So exhausting: 'It's exhausting being better than everyone,' Siobhan added as she turned around to face her client

Siobhan expressed her weariness, saying that being superior to everyone else is truly tiring. She then faced her client.

Early signs: 'Thank God. I thought you were exhibiting early signs of dementia,' Siobhan said

Siobhan expressed her relief by saying, “Thank goodness! I was worried that you were showing indications of dementia in the early stages.”

Signing autographs: Siobhan then asked Anna who was in the middle of an Oscars campaign to sign a doll of herself for a fan

During an Oscars campaign, Siobhan asked Anna to sign a doll of herself for a fan. The fan wanted Anna to sign the body of the doll, which Anna found weird and questioned Siobhan about it. Anna was concerned that her name wouldn’t fit on the doll’s disproportionately small torso, but Siobhan suggested she could initial it instead. Anna felt uncomfortable signing the doll and remarked that it felt like she was violating herself. Siobhan joked that being an actress meant doing things that made you uncomfortable. However, Anna denied putting the doll in her purse.

Self violating: 'That's called being an actress,' Siobhan said

Siobhan jokingly accused Anna of being a self-violator, to which Anna was told that she needed some rest. The two friends were then seen strolling together, and Siobhan discovered that Anna was undergoing IVF treatment to conceive a child with her husband Dexter Harding. Siobhan expressed her enthusiasm for Anna’s pregnancy plans, but Anna was cautious and unsure about how things would turn out. Siobhan playfully teased Anna for having a habit of turning dreams into nightmares.

Peculiar penchant: 'You have a peculiar penchant for turning dreams into nightmares,' Siobhan told her

Siobhan comforted Anna, reminding her of the good things in her life and encouraging her to focus on the positives. Anna asked Siobhan if it was difficult for her to talk about her IVF journey since Siobhan’s own attempts had been unsuccessful. However, Siobhan assured Anna that she was her best friend and that her joy was her joy. She even joked that the only good thing that came out of her IVF process was meeting Anna at the support group. Later, Siobhan watched with pride as Anna appeared on a talk show and made jokes about a reality star. When Anna had a brief freak-out during the show, Siobhan reassured her that she was more charming than most people and that everything would be okay. Siobhan was excited to learn that they may be included on the Time 100 list. However, Anna was startled to see a doll of herself with an ominous black X drawn on its stomach. Siobhan thought it was funny and attributed it to the comeback of dolls.

Talk show: Siobhan later looked on with pride as Anna appeared on Andy's Bravo talk show and cracked jokes about reality star Tom Sandoval

Siobhan watched with excitement as Anna made an appearance on Andy’s Bravo talk show. Anna even managed to make some funny jokes about reality TV star Tom Sandoval, leaving Siobhan feeling proud of her friend’s comedic skills.

Good job: 'It's all good,' Siobhan told her afterward. 'You are so much more charming than most people. You on a bad day is like Hilary Swank on a great one, you know?'

“Great work!” Siobhan exclaimed to Anna with a smile. “You have a natural charm that most people lack. Even on a bad day, you shine like Hilary Swank on her best day!” Anna sadly replied, “Those dolls are no longer available.” To this, Siobhan suggested, “Why not try eBay?” but Anna simply threw the doll away with a shudder.

In the upcoming episode of American Horror Story: Delicate, Anna will continue her harrowing journey with IVF. Meanwhile, Kim is presently seen on the reality show The Kardashians on Hulu and had previously starred in Keeping Up With The Kardashians from 2007 till 2021. She has also acted in other productions such as Kim Kardashian, Superstar (2007) and appeared in the parody film Disaster Movie (2008).”

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