“Kim Kardashian Takes a Tumble on Wakeboard while Showcasing Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila – Concealed in Her Life Jacket”

During a recent tropical vacation, Kim Kardashian suffered a comical fall while promoting her sister Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila on a wakeboard. A video on Kim’s Instagram account displayed her wakeboarding skills as she confidently navigated the waterway while hiding a bottle of the alcoholic beverage inside her life jacket. She even held onto the rope with one hand and feigned sipping from the bottle before slipping and falling into the water. Circled by the boat, Kim flashed a smile while holding the tequila bottle aloft. She captioned the amusing clip, “Save the @drink818 at all costs! @kendalljenner.”

Nice sis: Kim Kardashian took a hilarious spill on a wakeboard while trying to promote her sister Kendall Jenner 's 818 tequila during a recent getaway

Kim Kardashian had a hilarious fall while wakeboarding during a recent vacation where she was promoting her sister Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila. Kendall was impressed by her sister’s sportsmanship and gave her a shoutout in the comments, which their mom Kris Jenner also joined in with. Just minutes before, Kim had debuted her daring new buzz haircut for the cover of CR Fashion Book, posting black and white photos of herself wearing various outfits. She reminisced about her debut on the magazine’s first cover ten years ago, expressing gratitude to Carine Roitfeld for having her again.

Strong gal: In a clip posted to the makeup mogul's Instagram on Monday, Kim showed off her athletic skills by skillfully maneuvering around on the wakeboard

Kim Kardashian displayed her impressive athleticism in a video shared on her Instagram account on Monday. The reality TV star showcased her wakeboarding skills, gracefully navigating the water with ease.

Nice tricky, Kimmy: Kim had a bottle of Kendall's booze hidden in her life jacket

Well played, Kimmy! She managed to sneak in a bottle of alcohol from Kendall’s stash and hid it in her life jacket.

Taking a shot? The mother of four proudly held up her sibling's famous tequila while wakeboarding

Feeling adventurous? A mother of four showed off her sibling’s renowned tequila brand as she took on wakeboarding with pride.

Wobbly: Kim quickly began to lose her balance while keeping hold of the 818 bottle

Kim struggled to maintain her stability as she clung onto the 818 bottle.

Ouch: The balancing act was too much, as Kim lost control and wiped out

Oh no! Kim couldn’t keep her balance and took a nasty spill.

She held on: Kim proved a wakeboard warrior as she held onto Kendall's tequila like a pro

Kim showcased her wakeboarding skills by holding onto Kendall’s tequila like a champ.

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