“Kim Kardashian Praised by American Horror Story Fans for Impressive Portrayal as Cutthroat Publicist in Delicate”

American Horror Story fans have praised Kim Kardashian’s acting skills, calling her ‘shockingly great’ in her role as ruthless publicist Siobhan Corbyn on FX’s Delicate. Despite initial skepticism due to her lack of acting experience, viewers have taken to social media to express their love for her portrayal of the character. Some fans even joked that she was essentially playing herself. One fan tweeted that Kim Kardashian is “doing the damn thing,” while others called her the “best addition” to the show and complimented her stunning performance. Overall, fans are enjoying this season of AHS and find Kardashian’s acting to be a pleasant surprise.

Impressed: Kim Kardashian has been called 'shockingly great' by American Horror Story fans

Fans of American Horror Story are in awe of Kim Kardashian’s performance, dubbing her “shockingly great”.

She's a hit! The reality star, 42, portrays ruthless publicist Siobhan Corbyn in the series Delicate and viewers have joked she is 'basically playing herself'

The 42-year-old reality star, Kim Kardashian, has impressed viewers with her portrayal of the ruthless publicist Siobhan Corbyn in the TV series Delicate. Some fans have even joked that she is simply playing herself. In another role in American Horror Story, Kim also received praise for her acting skills. Her performance proves that she is more than just a pretty face. However, not everyone was impressed with her presence in the scripted series. Despite mixed reactions, Kim’s character in Delicate gave a nod to Marilyn Monroe’s style and boasted about her team giving sexual favors in exchange for awards votes.

Fans: Despite initial doubts, the TV star has proved a hit with fans who have taken to X - formerly known as Twitter - to say how they 'unironically love' her as Siobhan

Despite some initial skepticism, the television personality has won over many fans who have expressed their genuine adoration for her as Siobhan through X (previously known as Twitter). These fans have shared their love for her without any irony or sarcasm.

Ruthless: The reality star plays the publicity rep for actress Anna Victoria Alcott, played by Emma Roberts

Fearless: Emma Roberts plays the role of actress Anna Victoria Alcott while the reality star portrays her publicist in this dynamic duo.

References: In an allusion to Kim's wearing of Marilyn Monroe's dress to the Met Gala last year, she advised Alcott not to rip it

Kim gave Alcott a piece of advice regarding not tearing the dress she wore to the Met Gala last year, which was an allusion to her choice of wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the event.

Acting: They were seen dancing in front of a mirror to the Madonna song Sooner or Later, which caused the mirror to shatter into pieces

The two individuals were caught in the act of dancing to Madonna’s hit track, “Sooner or Later,” while standing in front of a mirror. This sudden burst of energy and movement caused the mirror to completely break into fragments.

Talk of NYC: Kim generated buzz and controversy at the Met Gala last year when she wore Marilyn Monroe's dress to the event

Kim caused a stir last year at the Met Gala by wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress, creating buzz and controversy in NYC. In a TV episode, Alcott and her husband were interviewed by investigators who informed her that her idea of a break-in was likely just a result of medication. Corbyn greeted Alcott and congratulated her on receiving a Gotham Award nomination and predicted her Oscar nomination. However, in a private meeting, Corbyn scolded Alcott for her behavior during the awards season. She reminded Alcott of the hard work and time spent campaigning for her nomination, including several “b***jobs” given to Derek. Corbyn expressed disappointment over Alcott’s lack of enthusiasm in the public eye.

Criticism: One user said Kim's presence on the scripted series put them off to watching the episode. Another added: 'Watching Kim Kardashian ruin another episode of AHS'

Feedback: A viewer expressed their disappointment at Kim’s role in the scripted series, causing them to skip the episode entirely. Another commentator critiqued, “Kim Kardashian once again ruins an episode of AHS”. During a conversation with her assistant, Kim offered to help her find a job at Costco if she wasn’t enjoying her current role. She used Jamie Lee Curtis’ Oscar campaign as an example of pushing hard for recognition and asked if she enjoyed discussing her privileged background at red carpet events. In the show’s storyline, Corbyn gifted Alcott with a dress intended for Madonna to wear to the 1991 Oscars, which she wore to the Gotham Awards. Kim offered advice to Alcott not to rip the dress, alluding to her previous wardrobe mishap at the Met Gala in which she wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress. The pair were depicted dancing to Madonna’s “Sooner or Later” in front of a mirror that eventually shattered into pieces.

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