Kim Kardashian offers a glimpse into Kourtney’s baby shower with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos amidst their rumored feud.

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian uploaded a series of behind-the-scenes photos from her sister Kourtney’s baby shower on Instagram. The pictures showed the 42-year-old TV personality enjoying some quality time with her eldest daughter North, 10, while they celebrated the upcoming arrival of Kourtney’s new nephew. Despite the ongoing feud between the entrepreneur and her older sister, Kim sported a vintage yellow button-up top with black lining, which she paired with a black leather skirt that flaunted her toned legs, complemented by high heels. For accessories, the social media icon chose a chic purse that perfectly matched her outfit and was perfect for the occasion.

Marking the occasion: Kim Kardashian shared several behind-the-scenes photos that had been taken during her sister Kourtney's baby shower on her Instagram account on Sunday

Kim Kardashian shared some exclusive pictures of her sister Kourtney’s baby shower through her Instagram account on Sunday. In the pictures, Kim looks stunning with her dark hair falling on her shoulders, complementing the vibrant color of her top. She also posted a few snapshots of herself spending time with her daughter, North, during the party. One of the photos showed Kim holding a Disneyland balloon while her daughter hugged her affectionately. In another one, Kim and North posed with Kris Jenner, puckering their lips for the camera. Kris was wearing lavender pajamas and a Mickey Mouse hat that she sported for most of the event. Kim also snapped a picture of her elder sister Kourtney kissing her spouse, Travis Barker. Additionally, she shared a photo of an exquisite cake featuring a Steamboat Willie figurine of Mickey Mouse. Kourtney expressed her gratitude in a short message in the comments section, thanking her sisters and mom for throwing the perfect socially distanced baby shower.

Eye-catching outfit: The entrepreneur, who is currently feuding with her older sister, wore a vintage yellow button-up top with black lining during the celebratory event

At the celebratory event, the entrepreneur donned a vintage yellow button-up top with sleek black lining, which was quite attention-grabbing. It’s worth mentioning that she is currently in a dispute with her elder sister.

Color coordination: Kardashian paired her top with a jet-black leather skirt that showed off her toned legs, as well as high-heeled shoes

Kardashian complemented her top with a sleek, black leather skirt that accentuated her well-defined legs and completed the look with a pair of elegant high heels.

Beautiful: Her gorgeous brunette hair fell onto her shoulders and contrasted perfectly with the bright tone of her top

She looked stunning with her long hair cascading onto her shoulders, creating a beautiful contrast with the vibrant shade of her top.

Staying comfortable: The matriarch of the Kardashian family opted for a set of lavender-colored pajamas, and she wore a hat with Mickey Mouse ears for much of the event

Keeping cozy: The head honcho of the Kardashian clan went for a pair of purple pajamas, and donned a cap featuring the iconic Mickey Mouse ears throughout most of the gathering.

Sparing no expense: She went on to share a photo to show off a custom-made cake featuring a figurine of Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie

Not holding back on costs, she proceeded to post a picture displaying a specially-crafted cake with a miniature version of Mickey Mouse from the Steamboat Willie cartoon.

Good times: The social media personality also included a shot that showed her eldest sister affectionately kissing her husband, Travis Barker

Fun times: The internet influencer shared a photo capturing her older sister planting a loving kiss on her partner, rockstar Travis Barker.

Shout-out: Kourtney left a short note in the comments section of her sibling's post that read 'Thank you sisters and mom for the best social distanced baby shower or my dreams'

Kourtney recently gave a shout-out to her sisters and mom for throwing her the best socially-distanced baby shower. Their relationship has had its ups and downs, with their latest disagreement centered around their collaborations with Dolce & Gabbana, which was aired during The Kardashians’ season four premiere episode. The argument revealed a group chat created to exclude Kourtney and alleged issues between her children and their mother. This led Kourtney to call her younger sister an ‘egotistical narcissist’ and express her hatred towards her emotionally.

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