“Kim Kardashian Impresses as Siobhan Corbyn on American Horror Story: Delicate, Teaching Kendall Jenner the Art of Cucumber Cutting”

In the latest episode of American Horror Story: Delicate, Kim Kardashian demonstrated her cucumber-cutting skills while playing the role of the sassy publicist, Siobhan Corbyn. The 42-year-old reality star appeared in a kitchen scene with Emma Roberts, where she effortlessly chopped up cucumbers, unlike her half-sister Kendall Jenner, who struggled with the task on an episode of The Kardashians in May 2022. In the season 12 episode titled When The Bough Breaks, Emma’s character Anna Victoria Alcott suffers a miscarriage, and her husband, played by Matt Czuchry, calls Siobhan to their Hamptons hideaway to help his wife cope with the loss. As Anna checks her phone, a Rock-a-bye Baby ringtone plays, and she sees that it’s Siobhan calling.

Horror show: Kim Kardashian showed how to cut a cucumber while portraying sassy publicist Siobhan Corbyn on Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story: Delicate

Kim Kardashian made a guest appearance on Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story: Delicate, playing the role of confident publicist Siobhan Corbyn. In one scene, Siobhan demonstrated how to cut a cucumber while greeting Anna, who was startled by her sudden arrival. Siobhan explained that she was called over by Dex, and corrected Anna’s perception of time by revealing that the call was made three hours ago from her car. Anna expressed her confusion and concern about strange occurrences happening to her.

Cucumber episode: Kendall Jenner, 27, infamously struggled with cutting a cucumber in a May 2022 episode of The Kardashians

In a May 2022 episode of The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner, who is 27 years old, faced some difficulties while trying to cut a cucumber. This particular moment became quite infamous among the viewers.

Weird technique: The model showed an odd technique while cutting a cucumber on the Hulu show

Unusual method: On the Hulu show, the model demonstrated a peculiar approach when slicing a cucumber.

Slicing away: Kim's character Siobhan easily cut a cucumber in a kitchen scene with Emma Roberts

Kim’s character Siobhan effortlessly sliced a cucumber in a kitchen scene alongside Emma Roberts.

Siobhan advised Anna that she needed to consume real and healthy food. In the kitchen, Siobhan sliced a cucumber for Anna. After tasting it, Anna exclaimed that it was orgasmic. Siobhan shared that the dish was made with Green Goddess dressing, which became viral on TikTok. Siobhan sympathized with Anna’s appearance of being distressed, which she had also experienced after her own miscarriage. Anna asked if Siobhan felt crazy during that time, to which Siobhan replied that she was surprised she did not end up in an involuntary psychiatric hold. She added that the chemicals flooding the body during pregnancy suddenly dropped off after miscarriage, causing immense grief, akin to what happens postpartum. However, in this case, there was no baby to show for it.

Loved it: 'This is orgasmic,' Anna said as she tasted it

Anna exclaimed with delight, “This is absolutely amazing!” after taking a bite and experiencing sheer pleasure.

Food required: 'You need real food,' Siobhan told her

Siobhan advised Anna to eat proper food to cope with her current situation. Anna expressed surprise and discomfort, saying that she did not expect it to be this way. She then asked Siobhan about her experience after a miscarriage, specifically whether she had retained her post-pregnancy weight. Siobhan replied that while it may seem cruel, the weight eventually goes away. Anna then inquired about how Siobhan got through the ordeal, to which Siobhan revealed that exercise helped her release her anger. She then urged Anna to take a walk with her after finishing her salad, jokingly telling her to eat quickly. During their walk, Anna opened up about her suspicion that Dex might be cheating on her.

Affair suspicion: Anna during their walk confided that she believed her husband Dex might be having an affair

Anna expressed her doubts to Siobhan about her husband Dex’s fidelity during their walk. Siobhan put an end to Anna’s self-pity by stating that Dex is not having an affair, and there is no conspiracy against Anna’s pregnancy plans. She also pointed out that Anna is now famous, which can be overwhelming at times. Siobhan allowed Anna a week to mope before pushing her to focus on her career and booked her a cover shoot for Vogue. Even though Anna doubted her abilities, Siobhan reminded her that nobody is ever prepared for anything in life; they just learn as they go. Siobhan encouraged Anna to channel her energy into her ambition and climb out of her state of misery.

Solid answer: 'Nobody's ready for anything - motherhood, stardom, miscarriages - we're all just learning on the job. I'm going to need you to pull yourself out of your misery and into your ambition,' Siobhan said

Siobhan delivered a solid piece of advice, stating that nobody is ever really prepared for life’s challenges such as motherhood, fame, or even tragic events like miscarriages. We all learn as we go along. She encouraged her listener to lift themselves out of their sadness and pursue their goals. During their conversation, Siobhan received an important phone call from Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, which she had to take before leaving. AHS: Delicate features an impressive cast including Cara Delevingne, Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, and Leslie Grossman. This series is based on Danielle Valentine’s book, Delicate Condition and premiered in two parts on September 20. It’s worth noting that the first season of American Horror Story titled Murder House debuted back in October 2011.

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