Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves in a dazzling Gucci bikini top on Instagram

In an attempt to steer clear of any potential criticism for partnering with Balenciaga again, Kim Kardashian decided to showcase a different high-end brand on her Instagram. The reality TV star, who is also a mother of four, posted a series of vintage-looking photos in a sultry Gucci outfit. The ensemble included a shiny metallic bikini top and a luxurious silk pajama set adorned with the brand’s signature monogram print. Kim completed the look with her trademark black hair styled in a long braid down her back.

Wow factor: Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Monday to share some very risque snaps of herself posed up in sexy Gucci ensemble in four grainy, vintage-feel snapshots

Kim Kardashian caused quite a stir on Instagram when she shared some steamy shots of her in a daring Gucci outfit. The four vintage-inspired snaps showed the reality star in some very provocative poses.

Eye-popping: As if the look wasn't already racy enough she also put on some very provocative poses including one of her sitting on the floor with her hands strewn across the foot of the bed

Kim Kardashian turned up the heat on Instagram with a series of provocative poses and her signature curves on display. The reality TV star wore plenty of highlighter to make her complexion shine and completed her look with a semi-glossy nude lip. She captioned the snapshots to her 364 million followers by saying, “It’s all Gucci.” Recently, Kim risked backlash by featuring in a Balenciaga campaign despite the brand’s pedophilia scandal last year. She showcased her curves in a black latex dress for the Summer 2024 collection but did not attend Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show. Instead, she left after Victoria Beckham’s show and party and was shot for the lookbook. However, Kim was accused of “snubbing” Vogue editor Anna Wintour despite their years-long friendship.

Bling bling: The 42-year-old star put on an eye-popping display in a tiny shimmering metallic bikini top from the Italian fashion house

The celebrity, who is 42 years old, wore a stunning metallic bikini top from an Italian fashion brand, which left little to the imagination and caught everyone’s attention with its dazzling sparkle.

Selfie time! She paired the ensemble with what looked to be much more comfortable garments including a silk pajama set featuring Gucci's iconic monogram print all over it in brown

Let’s take a selfie! She wore a comfy silk pajama set with Gucci’s iconic monogram print in brown. In her latest campaign with Balenciaga, the mother-of-four rocked an edgy ensemble, including a figure-hugging shiny black midi dress with an asymmetrical hemline and black thigh-high boots. She even added a shimmering silver stiletto heel to the mix. With her signature raven-colored locks worn down and wet, she opted for nude tones to accentuate her natural beauty. Despite the controversy linking Balenciaga to a shoot featuring BDSM-themed items alongside children, Kardashian did not cut ties with the company. Instead, she spoke out, expressing her shock and disgust at the images and seeking to understand how they came to be. Balenciaga deleted its social media pages following the backlash. Kardashian later stated that she had been quiet for a few days to give herself time to speak with the designer’s team and understand their perspective on the matter.

Interesting: Kim was featured in a Balenciaga campaign for the first time after refusing to cut ties with the brand following last year's pedophilia scandal which rocked the fashion world

Fascinating: Kim recently appeared in a Balenciaga advertisement, despite the brand’s previous involvement in a scandal related to pedophilia that shook the fashion industry. Despite the controversy, Kim stood by the brand and continued her association with them.

Hmm: It is interesting to note, however, that Kim did not rock the runway or even sit front row at Balenciaga's Paris Fashion Week show which was attended by her mother Kris Jenner

Her longtime pal Paris Hilton was also seen arriving at the runway show

It’s worth pointing out that Kim Kardashian didn’t make an appearance on the runway or sit in the front row at Balenciaga’s show during Paris Fashion Week. Her mother Kris Jenner and friend Paris Hilton were both in attendance though.

Awkward! Kim had attended pal Victoria Beckham's Paris Fashion Week Show on Friday where she was accused of 'snubbing' Vogue editor Anna Wintour despite a years-long friendship

How uncomfortable! Kim recently attended her friend Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week Show, but it seems like she may have unintentionally offended Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The two have been friends for quite some time, so this is a bit of an awkward situation.

Simply stunning: As for the mother-of-four's latest campaign with Balenciaga, she was featured in the lookbook wearing a relatively edgy ensemble including a figure-hugging shiny black midi dress featuring an asymmetrical hemline

Absolutely breathtaking: The recent Balenciaga campaign featuring the mother of four showcased a daring outfit that included a glossy black midi dress with a unique hemline that hugged her figure perfectly.

As a mother of four, the distressing images of child abuse have shaken me to the core. The safety and well-being of children should be of utmost importance, and any form of abuse or exploitation has no place in our society. I firmly believe that attempts to normalize such heinous acts must be condemned and eradicated from our society completely. Despite the Balenciaga scandal, I appreciate the steps they have taken to remove the campaigns and apologize for their mistake. However, I am currently reconsidering my relationship with the brand based on their accountability and actions towards protecting children. Though I have been a long-time supporter and model for the fashion house, I believe in standing up for what is right and just.

Made a stand: In November 2022, Kim had refused to cut ties with Balenciaga, despite a controversy that saw the company linked to a shoot that placed children alongside BDSM-themed items; she is seen in Paris on Friday

Took a stance: In the month of November 2022, Kim made a decision to not sever connections with Balenciaga, despite the uproar surrounding the brand’s involvement in a photo shoot that placed kids alongside BDSM-inspired objects. On Friday, she was spotted in Paris.

The reality TV star said that while she was 'shaken' and 'disgusted' to see the images in the controversial ad campaign, she had wanted to speak with officials at the designer to understand how it came to be as she posted this statement in November 2022

In November 2022, the famous reality TV personality expressed her feelings regarding a controversial ad campaign that left her feeling shaken and disgusted. Despite her initial reaction, she chose to reach out to officials at the fashion house responsible for the campaign in order to gain a better understanding of how it came to fruition.

Later on, she released another statement where she rephrased some of the words used before. She emphasized that the act of making any form of child abuse acceptable in our society should never be tolerated under any circumstances.

She added that she was 're-evaluating her relationship' with the brand 'based off its willingness to accept accountability for something that should have never happened to begin with'

Kardashian took to both Twitter and Instagram to express her doubts about her association with the fashion brand. She indicated that she was contemplating ending their partnership.

In the fashion world, Kim Kardashian was introduced to Balenciaga Creative Director Demna Gvasalia by her ex-husband Kanye West. Even their daughters were spotted carrying expensive bags from the brand. In December 2021, while accepting an award for fashion at the People’s Choice Awards, Kim acknowledged Kanye’s role in introducing her to the fashion world. She said that she fell in love with fashion and was inspired by many people. Meanwhile, Balenciaga, a globally renowned Spanish fashion house, apologized for a photoshoot that included a child holding a teddy bear dressed in a BDSM outfit, which caused outrage among people online. Another photo in a separate shoot contained an excerpt from the US Supreme Court opinion in United States v. Williams. Balenciaga later issued a statement apologizing for both photoshoots and took legal action against the parties responsible for creating the set and including unapproved items for their Spring 23 campaign photoshoot. They also clarified that neither the photographer Gabriele Galimberti nor Chris Maggio would be part of any legal action.

A young girl is pictured holding a teddy bear in bondage style gear was taken down from the gift shop section of the Balenciaga website

An image of a little girl holding a teddy bear while dressed in bondage-style clothing has been removed from the gift shop section of the Balenciaga website.

Balenciaga apologized for what some believe is a photoshoot that amounts to child pornography, with a child holding a teddy bear dressed in a BDSM outfit

Balenciaga, a popular fashion brand, has issued an apology for a controversial photo shoot that featured a child holding a teddy bear while wearing BDSM-inspired attire. The photos have been widely criticized for their suggestive nature and some have even called them child pornography.

The bondage-clad teddybears are actually handbags that appeared on the runway earlier this year

The teddybears sporting bondage attire are actually bags that made their debut on the catwalk earlier this year.

Gabriele Galimberti, the photographer on the shoot, has disavowed any connection with the ideas behind the shoot

Gabriele Galimberti, who was responsible for taking the photographs, has stated that he is not associated with the concepts behind the photo shoot.

Photos containing an excerpt from the US Supreme Court opinion in United States v. Williams, which upheld part of a federal child pornography law, was in another shoot

It’s quite strange but someone on Twitter recently stumbled upon an Easter egg in a photo shoot. One of the pictures had a snippet from the US Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Williams, which supported a portion of a federal child pornography law. Interestingly, this discovery was verified by Twitter’s fact-checkers.

Photographer Galimberti captured images for his ‘Toy Stories’ project series, documenting children in over 50 countries with their most beloved toys. Galimberti’s work has been featured in various publications and displayed in museums. Despite accusations of child pornography on some of his photos, he has not addressed the controversy. Balenciaga previously had two images of young children holding plush handbags on their website, but they have since been removed. One of the images showed a child holding a white teddy bag dressed in a mesh crop top with a chain and padlock around its neck while standing on a plush pink bed. The other showed a child holding a purple furry toy bag while standing on a sofa.

The Italian photographer Galimberti promoted the images as part of a project series he called 'Toy Stories,' in an apparent reference to the Disney/Pixar film series

Galimberti, an Italian photographer, showcased his photographic series called ‘Toy Stories,’ which drew inspiration from the Disney/Pixar film series.

Outraged parents branded the images 'creepy and wrong' on social media

The pictures of a plush toy wearing a leather S&M outfit and a black lace thong have sparked outrage among parents on social media. The images feature a blue toy bag in the background, decorated with studded leather bands. Although the bags are not yet available to purchase on the company’s website, they have been created to promote their gift range, which includes reusable coffee cups and dog harnesses. The campaign has caused a stir among parents who found the pictures ‘creepy’ and ‘uncomfortable.’ A Twitter user questioned how many adults were involved in the creation of the images, including parents, photographers, creative directors, copywriters, design agency staff, producers, managers, and advertisers, and wondered why none of them realized how inappropriate the pictures were.

Parents were amazed that the photoshoot got the sign-off, with some labelling the images 'uncomfortable'

The parents were surprised that the photoshoot was approved, and many felt uncomfortable with the pictures.

Mumsnet users were up in arms at the images and accused the brand of trying to 'shock' people

The brand Balenciaga recently faced backlash from Mumsnet users over their controversial photoshoot, which many deemed as “highly inappropriate.” Several parents expressed their outrage at the “creepy and wrong” imagery and accused the brand of trying to shock people into buying their overpriced products. One enraged user even called the shoot “disgusting and verging on depraved,” questioning the parents’ decision to participate in such a project. Conservative commentator Candace Owens also chimed in, calling on Kim Kardashian and her sisters to boycott Balenciaga. The uncomfortable nature of the images has stirred up quite a controversy online.

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