Kim Kardashian and Mini-Me North West Rock the Coordinated Look at Kourtney’s Disney-Themed Baby Shower

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West looked fashionable as they attended Kourtney’s extravagant baby shower, which had a Disney theme. Recently, the SKIMS founder appeared in an announcement for the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show with Usher and also shared a closer look at the event on her joint TikTok account with her 10-year-old daughter. Kim wore a black leather miniskirt paired with a partially unbuttoned yellow and black cropped sweater that showed off her collarbones. She completed the look with open-toed black platform heels secured by thin straps around her ankles. Her hair was styled in a high ponytail, allowing it to flow freely.

Dressed to impress: Kim Kardashian, 42, and daughter, North West, 10, were a stylish duo as they attended Kourtney's lavish, Disney-themed baby shower in new Instagram snaps shared on Sunday

Kim Kardashian, aged 42, and her daughter North West, aged 10, looked stunning as they appeared together in the photos shared on Sunday while attending Kourtney’s extravagant baby shower with a Disney theme.

Stylish duo: Kim struck a quick pose near the entryway of what appeared to be a spacious living room before she was joined by her eldest daughter, North, who also wore a similar ensemble

The fashionable mother-daughter duo, Kim and North, looked stunning as they struck a pose at the entrance of a luxurious living room. Clad in matching stylish outfits, they exuded confidence and elegance.

To make her look for the party stand out, the TV personality decided against wearing any flashy jewelry. She struck a pose near the entrance of a spacious living room, sporting an ensemble similar to her eldest daughter, North’s. Kim wore a black leather skirt paired with a cropped sweater in a vibrant orange hue instead of yellow. North wore black boots and styled her hair in a ponytail. In one photo, they posed together, puckering their lips towards the camera while Kim wrapped her arm around North and held a large balloon. The baby shower was held outdoors under warm sunshine, and Kim and North shared a behind-the-scenes look on their TikTok account. They showcased the private residence in Los Angeles decorated with colorful balloons and ‘Baby Barker’ flags printed on material that adorned the lampposts lining the sidewalk leading to the front door.

Disney-themed shower: At the beginning of the video, the businesswoman could be seen standing at the entrance of a private residence that was decorated with a variety of colorful balloons

The video kicked off with a glimpse of a house that had been decked out with vibrant balloons, and a businesswoman was spotted standing outside the entrance. It was apparent that the theme was centered around Disney.

Tasty treats: The reel then cut to all the yummy food and goodies that guests were able to indulge in, such as a sugary cake that was shaped into a baby bottle boat with Mickey Mouse on top

Delightful Delicacies: The scene shifted to an array of delectable edibles and sweet treats that the attendees were relishing. Among these was a delightful dessert- a cake sculpted into a miniature boat resembling a baby bottle, adorned with a Mickey Mouse figurine on its top.

Ready for the party: The spacious backyard was decked out with amusement park-themed decorations and also food carts for guests to enjoy

Prepared for the shindig: The ample outdoor area was adorned with decor reminiscent of a carnival, complete with food stands for attendees to indulge in.

Yummy: Other snacks were available at the baby shower, and guests were able to stop by both a popcorn and also a pretzel cart

Delicious treats were offered at the baby shower, giving guests the option to indulge in both popcorn and pretzels from separate carts.

Photo time! Kim was later filmed stepping into a photo booth with her daughter, North, and the pair also showed numerous selfie poses for the camera during the party

Let’s talk photos! At the baby shower, Kim and her daughter North got silly in a photo booth, taking selfies and striking poses. The party also included some delicious treats like popcorn, pretzels, and a cake shaped like a baby bottle boat topped with Mickey Mouse. Guests could also write down their wishes on a wishing tree. Other family members, like Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner, were in attendance, along with Travis Barker, who wore a face mask in one photo shared by his stepdaughter. Despite Travis recently sharing a positive Covid test result, he still joined Kourtney in celebrating at the baby shower. Kourtney looked amazing in a snakeskin pantsuit and a Mickey Mouse hat, cradling her growing baby bump. And let’s not forget the adorable footage of Kim and North standing on the grass, soaking up the sun on a hot afternoon.

Fashionable: The mother of four could be seen donning a black, leather miniskirt as well as a yellow and black-colored, cropped sweater that was partially unbuttoned towards the collar

Stylish: With four kids in tow, she flaunted her fashionable side by wearing a sleek, black leather mini skirt paired with a cropped sweater in striking yellow and black tones. The open collar added a touch of daring to her ensemble.

Outfit check: Lastly, while standing on a patch of green grass, the two were seen filming their black shoes as sun shone down on them during the hot afternoon

Final wardrobe inspection: The pair was spotted on a sunny afternoon, standing on a lush green lawn and recording their black shoes.

Having fun: The TV personality chose to not add any flashy pieces of jewelry to allow her look for the party to be the main focal point

Enjoying oneself: The celeb decided to skip any extravagant accessories, putting the spotlight on her party outfit instead.

Also spotted: Kris Jenner was also spotted having a blast during the festivities and was seen wearing light blue pajamas

Another interesting sighting was the appearance of Kris Jenner at the party. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself amidst all the festivities while donning a comfy set of light blue pajamas.

Distanced: Travis was also at the baby shower to help celebrate, but was seen wearing a face mask in one photo shared by his stepdaughter, Atiana De La Hoya, who wrote, 'Social distance shower'

Travis was present at the baby shower to celebrate with Kourtney and was seen wearing a face mask in one of the photos shared by his stepdaughter, Atiana De La Hoya. The shower had an amusement park theme, and a sign with the words “Baby Barker” was displayed next to a stunning swimming pool. Kourtney and Travis are expecting their first child together, as she excitedly announced during a Blink-182 concert earlier this year in Los Angeles. Kourtney already has three children with her ex, Scott Disick. However, this month, Kourtney had to undergo emergency fetal surgery, and she took to social media to update her fans. She praised her doctors for saving her baby’s life and expressed gratitude for her husband and mother’s support. Barker also expressed his thanks for the successful surgery and added that God is great. Kourtney admitted that she was not prepared for the fear that comes with urgent fetal surgery after having smooth pregnancies in the past. Nevertheless, she and her baby boy walked out of the hospital safe and blessed.

Update: Earlier this week, the Blink-182 drummer shared a photo of what appeared to be a positive Covid test on social media

An update on the news: The drummer from Blink-182 recently posted a photo on social media that seemed to show a positive Covid test result.

Making memories: The musician uploaded a cute snap of the Poosh founder cradling her growing baby bump while wearing a snakeskin pantsuit as well as a Mickey Mouse hat

Capturing special moments: The artist shared an adorable photo of the Poosh creator holding her blossoming belly, dressed in a stylish snakeskin jumpsuit and sporting a classic Mickey Mouse cap.

First child together: Earlier this year in June, the star excitedly announced to the world that both she and husband, Travis Barker, are expecting their first child together

In June of this year, the celebrity happily shared with everyone that she and her partner, Travis Barker, are anticipating their first child.

'Surprise': Kourtney appears to be recovering well, and before her baby shower, decorated her house for Halloween as a 'surprise' for her husband

It seems like Kourtney is doing much better after giving birth, as she recently decorated her home for Halloween as a special surprise for her husband just before her baby shower.

Health scare: Earlier this month, Kourtney jumped to social media to update her fans and followers that she underwent emergency 'fetal surgery' and gave a special shoutout to her family and doctors

In recent news, Kourtney shared on social media that she had to undergo emergency “fetal surgery,” but she seems to be recovering well. To surprise her husband, who will be on tour for the first two weeks of October, Kourtney decorated their house for Halloween. The band Blink-182 will resume performances in Portugal on October 2 and continue with other shows in Spain until their tour ends on October 22 in Las Vegas. Fans can look forward to more international dates in February 2024, when Blink-182 will reunite once again in Australia.

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