“Kardashian Clan Faces Relentless Online Trolling, From Met Gala No-Shows to Queen Bey’s Concert”

The Kardashians received harsh criticism when they were spotted attending Beyonce’s Renaissance tour concert in Los Angeles last Monday. Despite appearing to have a great time at the SoFi Stadium show, many people found it “embarrassing” that they were there. Fans of the pop superstar believe she still holds a grudge against Kim Kardashian and her family due to the feud between her husband Jay-Z and Kim’s ex, Kanye West. On Tuesday, Kris Jenner shared a series of pictures on social media of herself, her boyfriend Corey, her daughters Kim and Khloe, and her granddaughters North West and Penelope Disick enjoying the concert. Nevertheless, several individuals were perplexed as to why the famous family attended the event, with one person stating that “Beyoncé hates Kim.”

The Kardashians have been trolled for attending Beyonce's Renaissance tour in Los Angeles last Monday

One commenter expressed their admiration for the group’s show of support towards Beyonce, despite her publicly distancing herself from the Kardashians and not attending their wedding. Another person questioned how Beyonce could be friendly with the Kardashians when it was believed that she disliked them. The root of the tension between Beyonce and Kim seems to stem from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s feud.

While the famous family appeared to have had a great time at the show at SoFi Stadium, many have said it's 'embarrᴀssing' that they attended. Kris Jenner is pictured with Jeff Bezos' fiancee Lauren Sanchez

Despite being Jay-Z’s former mentor and having a significant role in launching his career, the power couple didn’t attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Kanye revealed in an interview with Charlamagne tha God in April 2018 that their feud began after the couple didn’t show up at his nuptials. According to sources, Beyonce, who prefers keeping her personal life private, disliked Kanye’s participation in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “She always gives Kanye a lot of grief whenever he does anything for the show,” said an insider. Another source added that Beyonce and Jay-Z were bothered by Kim and Kanye’s love for fame. In 2009, Beyonce was also upset when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift’s VMA win, insisting that Beyonce deserved the award.

Kardashians slammed for staying silent on social media after Kourtney's  baby news - Mirror Online

In 2016, Kanye gave a 17-minute speech in Sacramento where he mentioned Jay-Z and asked him not to have him killed. Despite this incident, their friendship remained intact. Jay-Z responded to Kanye’s speech in his album 4.44 and later stated that their feud was simply brotherly rivalry. Recently, the Kardashians attended Beyonce’s concert in Los Angeles and followed her request for fans to wear all-silver outfits to her birthday concerts. Kim wore a stunning silver crop top adorned with jewels and paired it with distressed grey jeans, showcasing her amazing figure.

Not only did The Kardashian's support Beyonce at her Los Angeles concert on Monday, they also followed her request for fans to wear all-silver outfits to her birthday concerts as they all sported very glitzy matching metallic ensembles

With a silver handbag gripped tightly in one hand and high-glamour make-up accentuating her smooth complexion, she exuded confidence. Kris matched her style with a metallic silver jacket, trousers, and a glittering T-shirt, complemented by matching trainers. Khloe rocked fitted silver pants and a crisp white crop top while posing with her niece Penelope. During the same concert, Kim and Khloe’s sister Kylie Jenner stepped out with boyfriend Timothee Chalamet for the first time and hung out with their other sister Kendall Jenner.

Kim showed off her incredible figure in a bejewelled silver crop top complete with a choker necklace, which she styled with distressed grey jeans

Kris, the matriarch, received backlash for taking photos with Jeff Bezos, the Amazon billionaire, and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez. Some people expressed their disapproval by commenting that it was not Jeff Bezos in the photo and others showed surprise that Kris was casually hanging out with the billionaire. One person even mistook Bezos for Pitbull due to his bald head.

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