“JLo’s Insights from Hustlers: Lessons Learned Playing a Stripper”

Jennifer Lopez faced quite a challenge when she had to learn pole dancing for her role as a stripper in the movie Hustlers. It can be said that this was one of the most difficult skills she has had to acquire for any of her movie roles.

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers: Star gives pole dancing demonstration |  news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

Jennifer Lopez shares in this week’s cover story for PEOPLE that her training for pole dancing was an arduous and painful experience. Although she has learned a variety of skills for movies, such as martial arts and shooting, pole dancing was something completely different. Lopez sustained bruises, chafing, and burns during her training. Moreover, she could not use body makeup or wear tights because the pole required skin contact. Nonetheless, her hard work paid off and contributed to her success. You can watch the full People Cover Story episode featuring Jennifer Lopez on PeopleTV.com or by downloading the PeopleTV app on your preferred device.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s role in Hustlers has gained her critical acclaim and Oscar buzz for her performance as Ramona. Her pole dancing skills and portrayal of a strong, independent woman have left a lasting impression on the actress. She learned from her character’s independence and toughness, reminding her to be that way in her own life. Despite being happily engaged, Lopez feels more personally empowered than ever before, confident and at peace with who she is. It has been a huge journey for her.

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