“JLo’s 52 and Killing It: Flaunting Toned Abs in a Bold Two-Piece Outfit on ‘The Tonight Show'”

Prior to hitting the stage and promoting her latest movie, Marry Me, Jennifer Lopez managed to squeeze in a workout to ensure that she looked extra toned and ripped. During her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, alongside fellow artist Maluma, they promoted their latest single from the movie. J.Lo stunned in a white cut-out dress that was perfectly tailored to showcase her well-defined abs. It was evident that she has been putting in the work on her core as she confidently flaunted her impressive six-pack from all angles, despite being 52 years old.

Take a look at this amazing video she shared on Instagram and prepare to be amazed. It’s truly mind-blowing! This content was sourced from Instagram, so there’s a possibility that you might come across it in a different format or find additional information on their website.

Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez maintains her rock-hard abs? Well, it all starts with her dedication to core workouts. According to her personal trainer, Dodd Romero, J.Lo’s routine includes 50 hanging ab raises, 50 rope crunches, and 50 incline sit-ups with a 45-pound weight. But that’s not all. She then proceeds to repeat the same set in 35 reps and finish off with a third set of 21 reps without taking any breaks in between. However, J.Lo doesn’t solely focus on abs and typically exercises for an hour, four to five days a week. Even while on tour, she manages to fit in pre-show exercise sessions as a warm-up.

Jennifer Lopez, or J.Lo, incorporates a variety of exercises in her workout routine with trainer David Kirsch, including planks, pushups, and boxing. As for her diet, she focuses on eating healthy foods. According to a report by Hollywood Life, her typical lunch consists of salmon and a vegetable-packed salad with broccoli, peppers, and zucchini. For dinner, she usually has some type of protein paired with quinoa. She mentioned that this dish reminds her of her childhood favorite, rice and beans. Additionally, she enjoys pork and chicken, particularly if it’s prepared in the Puerto Rican style.

Jennifer Lopez is conscious of staying hydrated and drinks at least seven glasses of water per day, according to her trainer, Romero. She avoids alcohol and caffeine, which she has not consumed in years, as per her statement to Hollywood Life. J.Lo practices a balanced diet and acknowledges the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She continues to eat the foods she loves but in moderation and does not deprive herself. Despite her food choices, her toned abs remain impressive.

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