“JLo slays with a fiery red gown and bold two-piece ensemble switch-up”

Jennifer Lopez made a stunning appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in a vibrant red dress and matching heels. The talented singer, who is 52 years old and a Grammy-nominee, was promoting her latest film, Marry Me, which also stars Owen Wilson, Maluma, and Sarah Silverman. Later on, she took the stage with Maluma and performed the movie’s title track wearing a daring two-piece outfit that showcased her toned abs.

Silk dream: Jennifer Lopez looked sensational in a fiery red gown and matching heels as she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night

Coming to theaters on February 11 is the romantic musical comedy-drama titled “Marry Me”. This movie stars the singer Kat Valdez, who portrays a pop superstar that got betrayed before her wedding and chooses to marry a fan. In celebration of this new film, Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon had some fun by engaging in a series of wedding-themed games.

Abs: The actress, 52, then took the stage with Maluma, 28, to perform the title track from her new movie, Marry Me, and switched into a revealing two-piece ensemble that showed off her toned stomach

The fun and exciting activity began with the participants catching roses that were shot at them using cannons. After that, they carried dummies of a bride and groom and threw them onto a wedding bed as part of a tradition. Although Lopez won the first two rounds, Fallon emerged victorious in the third challenge where they had to dig through two wedding cakes to find a ring.

Red vision: The Grammy-nominated singer was there to promote her latest film, which stars Owen Wilson, Maluma, and Sarah Silverman

While getting their hands dirty, the singer made a humorous remark saying, “This is gross, there’s no ring in here.”

New movie: Marry Me is a romantic musical comedy where she plays Kat Valdez, a pop superstar who gets cheated on right before her wedding and decides to marry a fan (Wilson)

In an interview, the partner of Ben Affleck shared how they crashed Maluma’s concert to film a scene for their upcoming movie Marry Me, instead of constructing a fake concert set. She mentioned that Maluma had two shows at Madison Square Garden and as a producer, she saw an opportunity to use his concert arena for a significant scene. She approached him with her idea, and he agreed to it.

Fun: In honor of her new movie Lopez and Fallon played a series of wedding-related games, starting off by catching roses that were being blasted at them from cannons

She's strong: They then proceeded to carry bride and groom dummies through a threshold and throw them onto a wedding bed

“It was such a surreal experience! The scene made it to the movie and unexpectedly, I made an appearance at his concert. I had never been to one of his concerts before, but the energy of the crowd was electric when I stepped out on stage with him. We even managed to capture the moment on film and sang together,” she shared excitedly.

Having fun: Lopez won the first two games, but lost to Fallon on the third challenge, which had them digging through two wedding cakes to find a wedding ring

She shared her excitement about producing the soundtrack for the film and how it allowed her to merge her two worlds. It was her first time singing and creating an album specifically for a movie. Furthermore, she enjoyed portraying a character who was similar to herself – navigating both her personal and public life while attempting to balance it all, albeit sometimes failing hilariously.

Improvising: During the interview, Ben Affleck's girlfriend talked about crashing Maluma's concert to shoot one of the scenes for Marry Me

Fond moment: 'This scene is in the movie and they just didn't expect me to come out at his concert, I've never been out at one of his concerts, and the crowd went wild and we got it all on film and we sang together,' she revealed

According to the New York native, the soundtrack for the movie has a distinctive sound that sets it apart from other albums by Jennifer Lopez or Maluma. Rather, it’s a Kat and Bastian album with songs specifically chosen to enhance the characters and advance the plot, much like any successful musical. The soundtrack tells the love story of the main characters and their journey towards finding true love.

Soundtrack: She also discussed her joy at being able to do the soundtrack for the movie with the Colombian singer

Sweet: 'This is the first time I got to like sing, make an album for a film, it is like joining my two worlds together,' she said

During the interview, the famous musician also briefly touched upon her 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max, with whom she shares custody with her former spouse, Marc Anthony, who is 53 years old. According to her, they seem to grow up quickly, turning into “little adults” around the age of 11 and 12. She remarked how important it was for them to create their own identities and distance themselves a bit from her. Despite this, she still tries to shower them with affection, but they often push her away, telling her to stop touching them. Her lighthearted joke about asking them to sit on her lap was met with resistance, which made her laugh.

Her kids: The musical sensation also briefly touched on her teenage twins - Emme, 13, and Max, 13, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony, 53 - during the interview

Growing up: 'I'm like, 'Come up baby, do you want to sit on my lap?' she joked referencing her kids growing up, 'And they're like

During her performance, Lopez took a moment to express her gratitude towards her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, who was present in the audience. She shared how her love for singing and dancing was instilled in her from a very young age, thanks to her mother’s fondness for musicals. Despite growing up with limited resources in the Bronx, Lopez never let go of her dreams and expressed her joy in being able to live them out every day. She felt incredibly blessed and fortunate to be doing what she loves.

Emotional: In Marry Me Lopez accepts a proposal from a fan on a sign held-up at a concert, and the actress got emotional while discussing her own real-life instance of a similar moment

Touching: 'I remember this woman holding up this sign and saying,

In the movie Marry Me, the protagonist accepts a marriage proposal from a fan who held up a sign at her concert. This reminded Jennifer Lopez of a touching moment in her own life when a woman held up a sign thanking her for being an inspiration for 14 years. The encounter made Lopez emotional as she realized the impact her music had on people’s lives. She was often amazed when fans showed her tattoos of her name during meet and greets. It’s gratifying to know that one’s art resonates with others, even if they may not realize it at first.

What a figure! The Jenny From The Block singer then switched into a revealing two-piece outfit that showed off her trim abs as she performed the title track from the movie with Maluma

Sexy: The stylish ensemble included a low-cut white skirt held up by tiny strings, and a white bra top. She paired the outfit with a matching jacket on top

After her initial performance, Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as Jenny From The Block, changed into a stunning two-piece outfit that highlighted her toned abs. During her performance of the title track from the movie with Maluma, she wore a stylish ensemble consisting of a low-cut white skirt and a white bra top that was held together by tiny strings. To complete the look, she paired the outfit with a white jacket on top. Maluma, on the other hand, wore a mint suit with a white t-shirt underneath.

Dapper: Meanwhile Maluma - born Juan Luis Londoño Arias - sported a mint suit with a white t-shirt underneath

Clean look: The Colombian singer also rocked a pair of white matching shoes and black-rimmed glasses

At the recent show, the 28-year-old Colombian singer not only impressed with her vocal skills but also made fashion statements with her white matching shoes and black-rimmed glasses. Lopez even took to Instagram to promote the event and share a sneak peek of her stunning red attire from behind. The star-studded event also saw appearances from NBA player Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry, a New York Times best-selling author. The couple joined the event through a video call, with Stephen looking dapper in his tan suit and Ayesha shining in a beautiful shimmering grey dress.

Backless: Lopez showed off the back view of her stunning red creation on her Instagram account

During their appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha shared some amusing stories. The couple were there to promote their upcoming HBO Max gameshow, About Last Night, which they are hosting and producing. When asked about their first impressions of each other, Ayesha recalled a funny incident from when she was 14, where she thought Steph was cute but her family said he looked like her brother. Meanwhile, Steph shared a humorous story about President Barack Obama disagreeing with him being the greatest shooter in NBA history, as he prefers Steph’s teammate Klay Thompson. Don’t miss the premiere of About Last Night on February 10th!

Calling in: The show also featured an appearance from NBA star Stephen Curry, 33, and his wife, New York Times best selling author, Ayesha Curry, 32

During our championship win in 2015, I was fortunate enough to have an incredible teammate and shooter in Klay Thompson. We had the privilege of meeting President Obama at the White House, where we celebrated our victory. While on the podium, the President made a lighthearted comment, saying that Klay had a more aesthetically pleasing shooting form than I did. I chuckled and concurred with his observation, admitting that Klay’s technique was exemplary and textbook-worthy. Nonetheless, I maintained my confidence in my own shooting abilities.

Funny: The athlete shared a funny anecdote about President Barack Obama saying that his Golden State Warriors teammate Klay Thompson, 31, 'has a much prettier form' when shooting

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