JLo Reigns as Intimissimi’s Latest Lingerie Ambassador, Taking Over from Sarah Jessica Parker

Announcements were made on Tuesday that Jennifer Lopez would be taking on the role of global ambassador for Intimissimi. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting their presence in the US market, the 53-year-old celebrity is expected to help grow the brand’s reach. Previously, Intimissimi had Sarah Jessica Parker as one of their notable representatives.

Intimissimi has announced Jennifer Lopez as their latest global ambassador to endorse their brand in the United States. The company expects that with her fame and impact, Lopez will help them overcome the challenges caused by COVID-19, which previously hindered their growth in the country. This thrilling partnership was revealed to the public on Tuesday.

Marcello Veronesi, the group general manager, has stated that our expansion has faced a small setback over the past couple of years due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, we remain positive about the future and are preparing to invest again in the upcoming year.

Intimissimi, a top-notch brand that focuses on lingerie, sleepwear, and other clothing items, is keen on seizing growth opportunities in the United States. The CEO, Sandro Veronesi, believes that there is room for new players in the US market, considering the monopoly of Victoria’s Secret. Although he recognizes the differences between the American and European markets, Veronesi is optimistic that Intimissimi’s stylish offerings will eventually appeal to American consumers. He also admits that the brand needs to gain more insight into the preferences of American customers and plans to invest in stores, communication, and global expansion to achieve its objectives.

According to Jennifer, her fashion choices have been significantly impacted by her childhood experiences in New York City. Living in the Bronx introduced her to a unique style that featured masculine items such as Doc Martens and trousers, combined with feminine accessories like hoop earrings and striking eyeliner. This blend of toughness and elegance has stayed with her throughout the years, and still influences her fashion sense presently.

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