Jennifer Aniston reveals insider knowledge: Paul Rudd has always been the object of desire

Jennifer Aniston took to her Instagram story to congratulate her longtime friend Paul Rudd on being named the Sexiest Man Alive by People. The Friends star shared a video of the Ant-Man star with her millions of followers, expressing her joy over his recognition for his sexiness. Aniston wrote that she was thrilled and added a heart eyes emoji to show her appreciation for Paul. She also shared a snap of the two stars cuddled up in their 1998 romantic comedy The Object of My Affection. Even though People recently announced Paul as the Sexiest Man Alive, Jennifer has always considered him sexy.

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd

In a lighthearted manner, Jennifer teased her former co-star about their agelessness and expressed love towards them with a smiling emoji accompanied by hearts. Meanwhile, there are speculations about the possible sequel to “We’re The Millers” and whether or not the fake family’s drug smuggling days are over.

Is We're The Millers 2 Happening, Or Is The Fake Family Done Drug Smuggling?

“We’re the Millers” was a hilarious comedy film that came out in 2013, starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter. The movie follows a group of amateur drug smugglers who pretend to be a family and go on a road trip to bring home a massive payday. Although it was a huge financial success and considered one of Sudeikis’ best films, a sequel, “We’re Still the Millers,” has yet to come to fruition.

Over the years, some cast members have spoken about the possibility of a sequel, but sadly, it doesn’t seem likely. Poulter expressed his doubts, saying that he doesn’t think it will happen, but he would happily work with the cast and director again. Aniston also all but confirmed that the sequel is dead in the water during an interview.

If a sequel were to happen, it would have to take a different approach than if it had been made directly following the first film’s success. Casey and Kenny would be adults now, and Sarah and David may or may not still be together. There is also the possibility of one of the drug lords getting out of prison or seeking revenge, forcing the family to band together once again.

While it’s doubtful that “We’re Still the Millers” will ever happen, fans can still appreciate the original film and the talented cast that went on to star in other successful projects.

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