Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Current State of Mind: “I’m Embracing a Peaceful Life”

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Jennifer Aniston expresses her gratitude for her fortunate life. Despite being the face of collagen brand Vital Proteins and the upcoming second season of her Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, the actress still takes time to appreciate the little things in life, such as watching the sunset. Aniston shares that she finds peace and connection through meditation, writing, and yoga. She believes in a bigger picture and has faith in humanity, despite the discouraging events happening in the world.

7/5/21 cover

Aniston was recently asked to describe her current life situation. She mentioned that she’s content with her job, friends, and her furry companions – Clyde, Sophie, and Lord Chesterfield. According to her, she’s in a peaceful state and feels very fortunate to have such a fulfilling life.

jennifer aniston

Aniston shares about her most recent experience of pure happiness, which she describes as a simple moment of contentment. She mentions that there are no specific indicators for it, but at times, you just feel a sense of relief and satisfaction, as if saying “ahhhh”. Her reference point for this feeling is once again the sunset.

jennifer aniston

In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston shared her belief in the importance of self-awareness and therapy. As a public figure, she acknowledges the benefits and challenges that come with fame, including unwanted attention from family and friends. Aniston hopes to be remembered for bringing laughter to those around her and emphasizes her kind-heartedness and loyalty as a friend.

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