“J. Lo’s Empowering Performance as a Stripper in “Hustlers””

When Jennifer Lopez landed the role of a stripper in the film Hustlers, she encountered a significant hurdle: becoming proficient in pole dancing. This was without a doubt one of the most demanding abilities she needed to acquire for the part.

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Jennifer Lopez recently shared in an interview with PEOPLE that her experience with pole dancing training was one of the toughest challenges she has ever faced. Despite having learned various skills for her movies such as martial arts and shooting, the art of pole dancing proved to be a different game altogether in terms of physicality. She suffered from bruises, chafed skin, and burns during the rigorous training, and it is worth noting that body makeup or tights can’t be used due to the need for skin-to-pole contact while sliding. However, Jennifer’s dedication and hard work paid off as she excelled in her performance. You can catch the full episode of People Cover Story: Jennifer Lopez by visiting PeopleTV.com or by downloading the PeopleTV app.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s performance in the hit movie Hustlers has received high acclaim, particularly for her pole dancing as Ramona. While grateful for the recognition and attention from award discussions, the actress admits feeling overwhelmed. As a co-producer of the film, Lopez found playing Ramona to be a valuable learning experience, as the character embodied independence and self-reliance. This resonated with the star, reminding her to stay strong in her own life. Although happily engaged, Lopez feels more personally empowered than ever, as she has gone through a significant journey to achieve confidence and inner peace.

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