J.Lo Shows Off Fit Physique, Bares It All in Latest Crime Film

Jennifer Lopez, famously known as “Jenny from the block,” is still looking stunning at the age of 43. In her upcoming crime thriller Parker, she plays Leslie, a real estate agent who strips down to her underwear to show off her toned body and shares a passionate kiss with co-star Jason Statham in a steamy shower scene. The movie is set to be released in January 2013, and the trailer shows Lopez peeling off her clothes. In Parker, she partners up with Statham’s character, who plays the lead role.

Looking good: Jennifer Lopez strips down to her underwear in upcoming film Parker due for release next year

Jennifer Lopez bares it all in her upcoming film Parker, set to be released next year. The movie is based on Donald E. Westlake’s novel series about a professional thief named Parker, who has his own code of ethics: he doesn’t steal from those who can’t afford it and doesn’t harm those who don’t deserve it. However, things take a turn for the worse when his gang betrays him by stealing his money and leaving him for dead. Parker seeks revenge by tracking down his former crew in Palm Beach, Florida. Along the way, he enlists the help of Leslie, but to ensure her loyalty, he asks her to remove her clothes to prove she isn’t recording their conversation.

Peekaboo: J-Lo gives Jason a sneak peek of her flat stomach in the film as she stands in her smalls and heels

During the filming of a particular scene, J-Lo revealed a glimpse of her toned stomach to co-star Jason. She was seen standing in her undergarments and high heels, teasing him with a peekaboo moment.

Check her out: Jennifer puts her hands behind her head and lifts her hair as co-star Jason Statham checks her out from behind to make sure her character is not wearing a wire to record their conversation

Take a look at this: Jennifer raises her hands above her head and pulls back her hair while Jason Statham, her co-star, checks to see if her character is wearing a recording device to capture their discussion.

Getting close: Jennifer's character Leslie stands in her smalls and ensures Parker, played by Jason Statham, that she is not wearing a wire in a bid to catch him out

In this particular scene, Jennifer’s character, Leslie, is seen wearing only her underwear and a beige raincoat while reassuring Jason Statham’s character, Parker, that she isn’t wearing a wire. In order to put his suspicions to rest, Parker asks Leslie to remove the mac, and proceeds to closely examine her body as she stands in front of him in a black polka-dot underwear set and high heels, with her hair lifted behind her head. As the story progresses, Leslie and Parker’s relationship deepens, leading to a steamy shower scene where they share a passionate kiss while standing completely naked.

Steamy: Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham share a passionate kiss while taking a steaming hot shower

Sizzling: In a recent scene, Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham were seen sharing a steamy kiss while enjoying the warmth of a hot shower.

Getting to know each other: Parker and Lesley grow close in the film

Parker and Lesley form a strong bond in the upcoming movie. It’s safe to assume that Jennifer’s character will be far from her real-life persona since she is a devoted mother to twins and currently happily in a relationship with Casper Smart, who is 24 years old and a dancer. The film, directed by Taylor Hackford, will hit theaters on January 25, 2013, in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The stellar cast includes Patti LuPone, Nick Nolte, Emma Booth, and Michael Chiklis.

Hands up! Jason Statham stars as a professional thief in crime thriller Parker due for release next year

Put your hands in the air! Jason Statham takes on the role of a skilled thief in the upcoming crime thriller Parker, set to hit theaters in the near future.

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