J.Lo Flaunts Her Sculpted Abs on a Shopping Spree in Capri with her Manager and Photographer, but Ben Affleck is MIA

Jennifer Lopez is currently enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in Italy. During her recent trip to Capri, the popular actress was spotted wearing a stylish summer outfit that turned heads. She combined a strappy black bikini top from Bananhot, which featured a bronze ring in the middle, with a beige wrap top from Logan Hollowell. To complete the look, Lopez paired these tops with wide-legged off-white slacks that had embroidered flowers on the hem. She added some glamour by wearing a chic brown hat over a head scarf, oversized sunglasses, and platform heels. Lopez carried a woven shoulder bag to complete her look. The “Dinero” singer was accompanied by her longtime talent manager Benny Medina and her photographer friend Ana Carballosa; however, her husband Ben Affleck was not seen. Overall, Lopez’s summer outfit was trendy, effortless, and perfect for a day out in the sun.

She is living La Vida Lopez these days in Italy:  Jennifer Lopez had a little fun with her summer look while on the island of Capri on Friday. The Dinero singer was with her longtime talent manager Benny Medina as well as her photographer friend Ana Carballosa

Jennifer Lopez is currently enjoying her summer vacation in Italy, specifically on the beautiful island of Capri. She was spotted on Friday with her longtime manager, Benny Medina, and photographer friend, Ana Carballosa, having some fun with her summer look. Jennifer seems to be fully immersing herself in the Italian lifestyle and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.

The multi-talented celebrity, originally from the Bronx, was seen wearing both her wedding rings, a year after tying the knot with Ben. She was shopping in the upscale district of Capri with a friend who was wearing a vibrant summer dress and multiple necklaces. During their outing, Jennifer affectionately touched her friend’s arm. The group was carrying a shopping bag from Afora while passing by several shoe shops, swimwear boutiques, and jewelry stores.

In a recent social media post, Jennifer showed off her enviable figure in a white bikini while promoting her beverage line, Delola. The 54-year-old star accessorized the swimsuit with gold jewelry, including hoop earrings and a long necklace that beautifully accentuated her toned torso. She wore a broad-brimmed brown hat with a gold-toned scarf wrapped around it, switching from a patterned headscarf earlier to the fedora.

So chic: The Mother actress passed off a strappy black bikini top by Bananhot with a bronze ring in the center as a fashion statement. Over the top was a beige cardigan

The lead actress of the film “Mother” looked stunning in her fashionable attire, donning a black Bananhot bikini top with stylish bronze ring detailing. To achieve the perfect look, she topped it off with a comfortable beige cardigan.

Smart move: The Hustlers star added wide-legged off-white slacks with embroidered flowers on the hem for a breezy summer look. And she also had on a chic brown hat over a head scarf with oversized sunglasses, a woven shoulder bag and platform heels

The actor from Hustlers made a smart fashion decision by choosing loose, cream-colored pants with beautiful floral embroidery at the hem to exude a relaxed summer vibe. She completed her look with a stylish brown hat, a headscarf, oversized sunglasses, a woven shoulder bag, and platform heels. JLo also looked stunning in hexagonal sunglasses and makeup that gave her a bronze finish. She excitedly shared her new business venture, DELOLA, on social media and celebrated with friends at an outdoor bar on the coast of Italy. Join JLo for the #DelolaLife and find out more about what’s #OnTheJLo. She even posted a throwback advert on Instagram’s Stories feature, showing herself wearing a yellow skort and a tied-up button-up white shirt, with her honey-blonde hair styled in a half-up/half-down with a light flip at the ends.

New post: Jennifer Lopez gave her social media followers an eyeful on Thursday as she appeared in stringy white bikini and promoted her beverage line Delola

Recently, Jennifer Lopez delighted her followers on social media by sharing a photo of herself donning a white bikini to promote her own brand, Delola. The singer looked absolutely gorgeous in the skimpy swimsuit and left her fans yearning for more.

Vacation: The 54-year-old bombshell ¿ who's currently relaxing on the Amalfi Coast ¿ lounged on a plush chair, showing off her stellar figure in the revealing swimsuit

Vacation: A stunning woman of 54 years is currently taking a break on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. She was spotted relaxing on a cozy chair, proudly displaying her amazing figure in a bold swimsuit.

Stylish: The singer later layered over a laser-cut kaftan

Stylish: The singer then topped off their ensemble with a chic laser-cut kaftan, adding an extra layer of fashion to their look.

Relaxing: She enjoyed the sights of Capri's dramatic, cove-studded coastline from a boat

While feeling peaceful, she enjoyed gazing at the breathtaking scenery of the Capri shore, adorned with picturesque inlets that were only visible from the vessel.

Sight seeing: J Lo was joined by friends on the trip

J Lo was accompanied by her buddies as they went on a fun-filled sightseeing escapade.

Tasty: The superstar entertainer also posted video of herself when she stopped for a tasty Italian meal, which came in the form of spaghetti ravioli

Delish: The renowned artist posted a snippet of herself relishing in a delectable Italian meal made up of spaghetti and ravioli.

Lunch: Lopez could be seen enjoying some of the local cuisine after doing some shopping

Lopez was seen enjoying a delicious local meal during lunchtime, savoring the flavors of the region. Before that, she had gone shopping to indulge in some retail therapy.

Chic: The Hustlers star also shared a few selfies of herself decked out in a colorful floral dress

Chic: The star of the film Hustlers shared some selfies that highlighted her impeccable fashion sense. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a beautiful floral dress.

Glowing, JLo flashed her infectious smile in another selfie snap

Once again, JLo snapped a selfie that showcased her alluring beauty and cheerful demeanor.

Scenic: The singer, dancer and actress also posed in front of a beach view

JLo, or Jennifer Lopez, recently shared a stunning photo of herself in front of a picturesque beach view. Interestingly, she goes by the nickname Lola, which reflects her playful and carefree nature. In addition to her successful career as an artist, JLo has also founded a new company called The House of Delola LLC. The company’s mission is to introduce top-quality, ready-to-enjoy cocktails with mixology-level standards. According to JLo, she was unable to find the perfect drink to enjoy with her friends that aligned with her healthy lifestyle. This inspired her to create Delola, which aims to provide a one-pour solution with superior ingredients, taste, and fewer calories than traditional cocktails.

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