“J.Lo Flaunts Her Fit Physique in Eye-Catching Pink Athleisure Wear While Breaking a Sweat in Miami Gym”

Jennifer Lopez is currently immersed in awards season after being nominated for a Golden Globe. Her performance in Hustlers showcased not only her impressive physique, but also her undeniable acting talent. She was spotted wearing pink workout clothes, displaying her toned midriff as she hit the gym in Miami on Tuesday.

Serving body: Jennifer Lopez flaunted her taut midriff Tuesday in pink workout gear as she hit the gym in Miami

The individual who is 50 years old wore a cute cropped sweatshirt in a pastel shade of pink. The outfit was completed with a pair of metallic rose gold yoga pants that fit snuggly. She accessorized it with some white Nike sneakers that had accents of pink and reflective sunglasses to match the overall look.

Pretty in pink: The 50-year-old donned a cropped pastel pink sweatshirt, paired with skintight metallic rose gold yoga pants

She had her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, and it showed off her stunning silver hoop earrings. Lopez just received her initial nomination from the Screen Actors Guild for her part in Hustlers.

Cool kicks: She completed the look with a matching pair of reflective sunglasses and some white Nike trainers with pink details

As she walked on a treadmill at the gym, she couldn’t help but feel emotional and fought back tears while expressing her reaction on Instagram. Being from The Bronx, she sent out a message to all the actors who are facing challenges not to give up hope as their dreams can come true. She exclaimed that it’s happening for her and it could very well happen for others too.

First nomination: Lopez recently secured her first Screen Actors Guild nomination for her supporting role in Hustlers

Many thanks! I’m thrilled, it’s as though I’ve already succeeded. Sincere appreciation to SAG Awards. I’m looking forward to meeting you all there!

Ringleader: She stars in Hustlers as Ramona, a stripper who devises a scheme to stay financially comfortable amid the 2008 recession

In Hustlers, the talented actress plays Ramona, a stripper who comes up with a plan to survive the economic downturn of 2008 and maintain her financial stability.

Oscars hype: Lopez has also sparked plenty of Oscars talk, recently receiving a Golden Globe nomination for the role

Lopez’s excellent performance in her recent role has generated a lot of buzz about her potential to win an Oscar. This was highlighted by her recent Golden Globe nomination. Her last nomination for a Golden Globe was back in 1998, for her portrayal of Selena in the biopic of the late singer’s life.

Icons playing icons: She was last nominated for a Golden Globe in 1998 for her titular role in the biopic Selena

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