J.Lo Delivers “Monday Inspiration” in a Red Bikini and Personalized Bathrobe

Last month, Jennifer Lopez expressed her desire to start the new year with a positive and hopeful outlook. To motivate her followers on the first Monday of 2021, the 51-year-old musician and actress took to Instagram and shared two posts. In the first post, she could be seen in a gym outfit doing an arm workout while urging her fans to get motivated for the year ahead. The second post featured a video of Lopez on a beach wearing a customized robe and a red bikini. She spread her arms wide and looked out over the ocean before moving into a stretch. Lopez captioned this post with #Meditation, #affirmations, and #MondayMotivation to encourage her followers to stay positive and focused.

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez recently took to Instagram, just a few days after her “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” performance in New York where she sang Aerosmith’s iconic hit “Dream On”. In her post, she stated that the song’s title is going to be her mantra for 2021. Lopez believes that 2021 will bring endless opportunities for everyone to make their dreams a reality, despite the current situation. She wishes for a more unified world and hopes that people can band together to make this virus go away. She goes on to express her gratitude and excitement for singing the song on “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”. Speaking with PEOPLE, Lopez expressed her desire to approach the new year with a “positive and hopeful outlook”. She acknowledged the challenges that many faced in the past year and hoped that everyone could start the new year with renewed hope and positivity. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Lopez still hopes to reconnect with her fans on the road soon.

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