“I’m Addicted to Skincare: My Endless Quest for the Best Products and Facials”

Kim Kardashian West has expressed her desire to launch her own line of skincare products. According to her, she is obsessed with skincare and loves trying out different facial products. She has also been testing out numerous skincare items in an attempt to find the perfect formula for her own line.

Kim Kardashian West has taken a significant step towards her interest in entering the skincare market by officially filing for the “KKW Skin” trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This trademark covers various skincare products, including moisturizers, cleansers, toners, facial mists, and body powders. While there is no official launch date yet, it might take some time before we see this brand come to life. Kim has expressed her love for skincare and her obsession with trying new products in an interview with Refinery29. She is expanding her KKW Beauty empire into retail stores and launching her Skims undergarments line, confirming her interest in the skincare category. Her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, also entered the skincare market earlier this year with Kylie Skin. The sisters have been known to discuss skincare in their group chat and frequently review products in person. Whatever the name, it will be easy for the makeup mogul to find inspiration, as she is surrounded by industry professionals.

Although Kardashion West did not reveal any specific details about her upcoming skincare line, it is likely that the products will be tailored towards addressing her chronic psoriasis. She has been publicly battling this condition since 2010 and has shared various treatments that have worked for her, including light therapy devices and ointments. One potential favorite product she may include in her line are thick moisturizers, as she has dry skin and loves heavy moisturizers, especially when traveling.

Regardless of whether or not her skincare line is successful, Kardashion West has much to celebrate at the moment with KKW Beauty entering all Ulta Beauty stores this month. Who knows, she could potentially be hitting the Ulta Beauty skincare aisle soon as well.

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