“Grey Pants and High-Cut Thong: J-Lo’s Dazzling Fashion Statement”

Jennifer Lopez caused quite a stir on Thursday as she made a grand entrance onto the set of her latest music video with DJ Khaled. The singer chose to wear an eye-catching ensemble, which included low-rise wide-leg tweed dress pants coupled with a high cut thong made from the same material. Her fashion statement was certainly not one to be missed.

Jennifer Lopez Turns Heads in Grey Pants with Matching Thong

While shooting for her new music video with DJ Khaled, the 49-year-old singer was spied in an unusual outfit consisting of low-rise, wide-leg tweed pants paired with a high-cut thong made from the same fabric. To add to the peculiarity, it appeared as if Lopez’s pants and undergarments were joined together at the waistband.

jennifer lopez flaunts her toned midriff in a crop top and low hung pants  while on the set of a video shoot with dj khaled in miami, florida-151118_12

A famous personality hailing from the Bronx was seen wearing an unconventional attire. She flaunted a white, short-sleeved crop top with a gathered front, accompanied by multiple layers of gold and silver bracelets and necklaces. Her sleek straight hair was adorned with hoop earrings, completing her stunning ensemble. This eye-catching outfit was in sync with the launch of her new single, “Limitless,” which is part of the soundtrack for her upcoming movie, Second Act. The star-studded film features acclaimed actors such as Leah Remini, Milo Ventimiglia, and Vanessa Hudgens and is set to hit theaters on December 14th.

jennifer lopez flaunts her toned midriff in a crop top and low hung pants  while on the set of a video shoot with dj khaled in miami, florida-151118_10

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez’s hit single “Limitless” made its debut at the American Music Awards last October. In a recent interview with InStyle magazine for their December issue, Lopez expressed her satisfaction with her physique, attributing it to her dedicated self-care routine.

Jennifer Lopez channels Kath and Kim with bizarre G-string outfit |  news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

Based on her own personal experience, Jennifer Lopez believes that the key to staying in shape is to steer clear of caffeine and alcohol while prioritizing quality sleep. As someone who grew up with a more voluptuous figure, JLo has always been proud of her curves, which were highly valued by her family due to cultural reasons. Even her ample derriere was seen as a positive feature of her body, which helped her embrace her natural physique with confidence.

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