Gal Gadot’s Musical Preparation for ‘Snow White’ Audition: ‘I Practiced the Song for a Month to Prove I Can Sing’

Gal Gadot revealed that she spent a whole month practicing the “Snow White” song as part of her preparations for the upcoming Disney film, where she plays the Evil Queen. According to Gadot, this was the first time in a while that she had to audition for a project, and the production team needed to ensure that she could sing.

To secure her role as the Evil Queen in Disney’s live-action remake of Snow White, actress Gal Gadot had to demonstrate her singing abilities. The Heart of Stone star, aged 38, stars alongside Rachel Zegler from West Side Story, who plays the title role. In a video interview with GQ, recorded before the actors’ strike, Gadot revealed that she practiced singing one song from the musical for a full month before auditioning for the part.

She shared that it had been a while since she had to audition for a project, but for this particular musical, it was necessary for her to prove her singing abilities. Accordingly, she spent a month working on the song before finally auditioning and filming it, ultimately landing the part. Gadot expressed how exciting it was to work on the film and how different it was from anything she had ever done before, allowing her to showcase a more theatrical side of herself. She eagerly awaits the release of the movie and is confident that the audience will enjoy it. In addition, Gadot also mentioned how she and her husband worked well together on the project, setting aside their egos to ensure the best outcome for the film.

In June, Gadot revealed to Vogue Hong Kong that she modified her voice for her portrayal of the Evil Queen. The actress found the role particularly enjoyable as it was a fairy tale and the first Disney villain, allowing her to expand her performance and add more drama and animation to it because it was a musical. To make the character more unique, she changed her voice and experimented with various techniques. She expressed her excitement to see the final outcome of the film and cannot wait for its release.

Marc Webb, known for directing “500 Days of Summer” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” takes on the helm of “Snow White” alongside co-writers Erin Cressida Wilson and Greta Gerwig. Gerwig’s box office hit “Barbie” had previously eyed Gal Gadot for the titular role, with producer and star Margot Robbie praising Gadot’s beauty and kindness as “genuinely sincere” and “almost dorky.”

Gal Gadot, who plays the iconic superhero Wonder Woman, expressed her admiration for Margot Robbie after the latter spoke highly of her in an interview with Flaunt magazine. Gadot said that Robbie is someone she would love to be friends with – funny, warm, smart, and obviously talented. She also mentioned that she would be thrilled to work with Robbie on any project. Gadot was touched by Robbie’s kind words about her, and she revealed that she is excited for Robbie’s upcoming project, “Barbie.”

The upcoming release of “Snow White” is set to hit theaters on March 22. If you want to stay updated on more news about people, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter! This information was originally reported by People and can also be found on

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