“From Sleepwalking to Insomnia: Jennifer Aniston’s Struggle with Sleep and How She’s Overcoming It All”

According to PEOPLE, Aniston claimed that it’s more difficult for her to fall asleep when she worries too much.

Jennifer Aniston sleep campaign

Jennifer Aniston, the famous actress, has struggled with sleep issues for many years. She has experienced various problems such as insomnia, sleepwalking, and sleep anxiety, which have made going to bed a dreaded experience for her. Aniston says that this issue started in her 30s or even earlier, but she did not notice its effects until later because she felt invincible when she was younger. She accepted her lack of sleep as normal until she realized how it affected her day, work, mind function, and physique. Aniston used to watch the clock, which only made her more anxious about how much sleep she was losing. She says that worrying about sleep only makes it harder to fall asleep.

Jennifer Aniston sleep campaign

Jennifer Aniston, known for her role in Friends, used to sleepwalk and set off alarms while sleep-deprived. She admits that her sleeping troubles made it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Despite putting off seeking medical help, she eventually received treatment from a doctor and now advocates for people to do the same. Aniston has also created a nighttime ritual that includes winding down, stretching, and leaving her phone out of the room to help her sleep better. While she values her sleep, she refuses to give up sleeping with her three dogs as it is too comfortable and cozy for her to part with.

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