Francia Raisa Talks About Mending Her Friendship with Selena Gomez in the Midst of a “Rocky” Patch and Shows Support at a Red Carpet Event Wearing Matching Silver Dresses

Francia Raisa showed up to support her friend Selena Gomez at a star-studded gala in Los Angeles. The two recently reconciled after rumors of multiple falling outs following Gomez’s kidney transplant in 2017. Raisa was accidentally coordinated with Gomez, dazzling in a silver gown. During an interview with Extra on the red carpet, Raisa spoke candidly about their “rocky” friendship and clarified that the kidney transplant was not a factor in their spats. Despite rumors that Raisa felt pressured to donate her kidney and had issues with Gomez’s lifestyle choices post-transplant, she remained adamant that their friendship was not affected by these rumors. Last year, tensions rose when Gomez claimed that Taylor Swift was her only friend in Hollywood, not Raisa.

Supportive: Francia Raisa showed out in support of her pal Selena Gomez in Los Angeles on Wednesday ¿ after recently reconciling following years of speculation that they'd had repeated falling outs after Gomez's kidney transplant in 2017

Francia revealed that she and Selena accidentally coordinated dresses for the night

Francia Raisa recently showed her support for her friend Selena Gomez in Los Angeles. The two had reconciled after years of speculation that their friendship had been strained following Gomez’s kidney transplant in 2017. Raisa disclosed that although their relationship wasn’t perfect, they were like sisters and would always support each other. She recounted how they met sixteen years ago when they starred on popular shows meant for young audiences on ABC Family and Disney Channel. They became closer after they broke up with their respective partners. Raisa emphasized that any issues they had didn’t stem from the kidney transplant. She appreciated Gomez for bringing awareness to mental health through the Rare Impact Fund. At this stage of their lives, Raisa looks forward to getting to know Gomez again.

Wow! For Wednesday star-studded gala in honor of Gomez's Rare Impact Fund, the Secret Life Of The American Teenager star, 35, wowed in a silver one-shoulder gown

Oh my goodness! At the gala on Wednesday, which was held to honor Gomez’s Rare Impact Fund, the renowned actress from The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, aged 35, looked stunning in a one-shoulder silver dress.

Sensational: It had a mermaid style design that hugged her sensational curves

Absolutely stunning: The dress was designed in a mermaid style that beautifully accentuated her curves.

Glam: She rocked a bright white manicure and opted for a silver eyeshadow look with a nude lip for the night

The woman, Glam, chose to adorn her nails with a striking white polish and enhance her eyes with silver eyeshadow while keeping her lips understated with a nude shade for the evening.

Raisa told Extra that she had no plans to match gowns with Gomez (pictured) but that they did get their spray tans done together

According to Extra, Raisa revealed that she didn’t intend to coordinate dresses with Gomez (who was pictured), but they did opt for a joint spray tan session.

Bronzed beauties: 'The only thing we coordinated was our spray tans,' Raisa said, adding: 'We didn't talk about our dress'; Selena posing Wednesday

The two best friends, Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa, did not plan to coordinate their outfits for a recent event, but they did get matching spray tans. Raisa looked stunning in a mermaid-style gown with intricate beading that sparkled under the red carpet lights. Her hair was styled in a chic top knot with money pieces left out to frame her heart-shaped face. Raisa and Gomez have been close since 2007, with Raisa donating a kidney to Gomez in 2017. Although they had a falling out in the years following the transplant, they reconciled in 2018 after Gomez suffered a mental breakdown. Despite rumors of tension between them, Raisa has insisted in interviews this year that there is no beef between them. Gomez has shown appreciation for Raisa’s sacrifice and even addressed it in her Apple TV+ series Dear….

Life-saving: Raisa donated her kidney to save the life of the Disney Channel star, 31, who at just 24 was suffering from organ damage relating to her lupus diagnosis

Raisa performed a life-saving act by donating her kidney to a 31-year-old Disney Channel star. The star had been diagnosed with lupus at the young age of 24, which caused damage to her organs. Thanks to Raisa’s donation, the star’s life was saved.

Tension: There were rumors that Francia was angry that Gomez was out partying after the transplant ¿ with her father claiming earlier this year that 'Francia told Selena that she didn't give her the kidney so she could go out and drink'; seen in 2022

Speculation was rife about Francia’s displeasure with Gomez’s post-transplant partying. In fact, earlier this year, Gomez’s father claimed that Francia had informed Selena that the kidney donation was not meant to facilitate her alcohol consumption. The two were spotted together in 2022.

Battle of the BFFs: Tensions flared in late 2022 when the Monte Carlo actress told Rolling Stone she has no famous friends aside from Taylor Swift

The competition between close friends became evident towards the end of 2022 when the actress from Monte Carlo openly admitted to Rolling Stone that she does not have any well-known companions apart from Taylor Swift.

'No beef': But Raisa has insisted in multiple interviews this year that there is 'no beef' between herself and the Rare singer; seen in 2017

Raisa has made it clear in various interviews this year that there is no dispute between her and the singer of Rare. In 2017, Gomez was overwhelmed by Raisa’s decision to donate her kidney without a second thought. In no time, Raisa became a match and it was a moment where she felt watched over. Gomez will always be indebted to Raisa. The two seem to have reconciled their differences as they were spotted spending time together in recent months, including going bowling in LA in August. Recently, Raisa followed Gomez back on Instagram, and the Disney Channel star even posted a heartfelt tribute to Raisa on her 35th birthday in July. She shared some of her favorite photos with Raisa, including one from her star-studded 30th birthday bash last July.

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