“Flaunting Her Assets: Kim Kardashian’s Latest Venture with SKKN Skincare Products”

Kim Kardashian has embraced the autumn season by unveiling new products from her skincare line, SKKN. In a recent promotional campaign, the 42-year-old entrepreneur announced the launch of her Resurfacing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and Treatment Brush. She was spotted sporting the skincare on her face while donning a satin crop top and comfortable sweats. In the advertisement, Kim flaunted her curvaceous figure and natural beauty with minimal makeup, allowing her face mask to steal the spotlight.

The latest: Kim Kardashian got into the fall season as she revealed the upcoming products from her skincare brand SKKN

Recently, Kim Kardashian showcased her enthusiasm for the autumn season by giving a sneak peek of the upcoming releases from her skincare line, SKKN.

Stunner: The businesswoman, 42, announced SKKN's Resurfacing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and Treatment Brush

Kim Kardashian, a 42-year-old businesswoman, recently unveiled her latest product, the SKKN Resurfacing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and Treatment Brush. She shared several images showcasing her product and herself covered in pumpkin seeds. The rinse-off exfoliating mask, developed using cutting-edge biotechnology, is set to launch on October 4th. Kim urged her followers to join the waitlist at the link in her bio to be the first to shop. Earlier, Kim was spotted taking a break from filming her Super Bowl LVIII announcement commercial for Usher as the headlining act during halftime. During the shoot, she wore the famous vintage Chanel necklace and pink quilted Chanel purse that she purchased during her trip to Japan with daughter North West in August.

Skincare queen: Another images showed her with pumpkin seeds all over her face as well as her product

The skincare guru was seen in a photo with pumpkin seeds covering her face, along with the product she endorses.

The brush is also coming soon to the site for purchase, used to apply the mask on the face

We’re excited to announce that the brush for applying our face mask will be available for purchase on our website in the near future. This handy tool will make it even easier to apply the mask evenly and efficiently. Stay tuned for updates!

Coming soon: She showcased her product in a number of images, also featuring white pumpkins

Upcoming: She previewed her merchandise through various photos that included the presence of white pumpkins.

October release: The product will be available on October 4

The item is set to be released on October 4th.

What a beauty: Kim posing with the brush as she is photographed applying the face mask

Kim looks stunning while she applies a face mask, posing with confidence as she holds the brush in her hand. It’s a true work of art.

The Chanel necklace is a rare piece that was first introduced during the Chanel 1995 spring ready-to-wear collection. The necklace features teardrop pearls, multi-colored stones, and gold-toned hardware. Supermodel Shalom Harlow adorned the necklace during the runway show, pairing it with a teal crop top, skirt, chain belt, and pink tote. Besides, the necklace also made an appearance in the popular movie Barbie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. In the film, Margot donned the same necklace, albeit with a pink heart pendant, which she paired with a hot pink mini dress and heart-shaped Chanel purse.

The billionaire, Kim Kardashian, purchased the rare Chanel item from a vintage store called Vintage Ecoland in Nagoya, Japan, during her summer vacation with her daughter, North West. She also bought a pink Chanel mini vanity handbag. Kim shared her shopping experience on her Instagram stories, tagging the store and posing with the owner. In a snap, she kissed the camera with the necklace sitting on her handbag, captioning it as “OMG best shopping ever in Japan!! I’m in my barbie bag at @vintage_ecoland.”

Recently, Kim showed off her stunning purchase by pairing the necklace with a skintight white crop top and high-waisted ripped denim bottoms by Balenciaga for her Friday afternoon shoot. She completed the look with blue heels, pink lipstick, and soft brown smokey eye makeup.

Looking great: Kim was seen taking a break from filming her Super Bowl announcement commercial for Usher as the headlining act during halftime

Appearing fabulous: Kim was spotted taking a breather from shooting her Super Bowl promo for Usher’s halftime performance.

She's an icon: The stunning star, 42, was wearing THE famous Chanel necklace - the exact one Margot Robbie wore in the 2023 movie Barbie - during her shoot on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles

Wow, she’s a true legend! The gorgeous actress, who’s 42 years old, was sporting the iconic Chanel necklace that was famously worn by Margot Robbie in the 2023 film Barbie. This all went down during her photo shoot on a sunny Friday afternoon in Los Angeles.

In character: Margot Robbie wore the exact necklace in the film Barbie

Margot Robbie donned the same necklace that was featured in the movie Barbie.

Movie history: In the movie, Margot wore the exact necklace - with an added pink heart pendant attached to it - along with a hot pink mini dress and heart shaped Chanel purse; Margot  - as Barbie - wearing the necklace while chatting with Ken - played by Ryan Gosling

During the filming of a movie, Margot donned a necklace that was identical to the original one, but with a pink heart pendant added to it. She paired it with a hot pink mini dress and a heart-shaped purse from Chanel. In her role as Barbie, Margot could be seen wearing the necklace while engaging in conversation with Ken, portrayed by Ryan Gosling.

Fashion baby: Kim found and purchased the rare Chanel item from the vintage show called Vintage Ecoland in Nagoya, Japan

Kim has recently become a fashion enthusiast and stumbled upon a one-of-a-kind Chanel item during her visit to a vintage show in Nagoya, Japan. She was thrilled to purchase it from the Vintage Ecoland boutique, knowing how rare and special it is.

In the clip, Kim calls Usher while he's in the studio to tell him

He's the chosen Super Bowl halftime show performer

During a video, Kim interrupts Usher’s studio session to announce that he has been selected as the Super Bowl halftime show performer.

On Sunday, it was revealed that Usher will be the headlining performer for the Super Bowl halftime show, and Kim played a part in the announcement. In a video clip, Kim calls Usher while he’s in the studio to break the news to him. The halftime show, presented by Apple Music, is scheduled for February 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. In a promotional ad shared on Wednesday, Kim appears wearing a white t-shirt, a Chanel necklace, and her hair styled with a deep part, alongside her hairstylist Chris Appleton.

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