“Fabulous Jennifer Aniston Flaunts a Fit Figure in a Scorching Beach Look for Festive Celebrations”

If your Christmas involved cleaning up after your Great Aunt as she noisily ate Brussels Sprout soup, constantly refilling your mother’s Bailey’s glass with cream out of laziness rather than going to the store, or engaging in pointless debates with your father about the authenticity of Santa Claus (the movie), then this article may not be for you.


Jennifer Aniston had a wonderful time as she and her partner vacationed in Mexico. The famous actress enjoyed lounging by a pool in Cabo, which is a location usually seen on TV shows such as the OC where the characters would often exclaim, “let’s go to Cabo!” and end up causing trouble after partying too much.

It’s a relief to know that Justin and Jennifer didn’t encounter any life-threatening situations during their outing. From the looks of it, they had a great time.

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