“Curvaceous Kim Kardashian Flaunts Figure in Skin-Hugging Ensemble”

Kim Kardashian marked her 39th birthday in a characteristic business-minded fashion by partnering with a brand. She graced one of her latest KKW Beauty displays located at Ulta in Calabasas on Tuesday. During the occasion, the celebrity donned a stunning ensemble consisting of a snakeskin crop top and a sleek black skirt as she assisted shoppers in selecting beauty products.

Kim Kardashian made a stunning appearance at an Ulta store in Calabasas where one of her displays was being showcased. She wore a striking ensemble consisting of a snakeskin top and a fitted black skirt that accentuated her curves. The top had long sleeves and an asymmetrical neckline that ended just below her chest. To complete the outfit, she appeared to be sporting a new pair of SKIMS solution wear under her semi-sheer skirt.

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