“Behind the Success of SKKY Partners: Kim Kardashian’s Personal Insights on her Hands-On Approach Featured in Fortune’s 100 Most Powerful Women Issue”

The latest issue of Fortune magazine, released on Wednesday, features none other than Kim Kardashian on its cover. The magazine has dubbed her one of the 100 Most Powerful Women, acknowledging her success as an entrepreneur. In the cover photo, the reality TV star can be seen modeling an oversized black blazer and matching trousers while leaning against a chair. Her confident power pose and striking beauty are sure to grab readers’ attention. Kardashian’s latest project, SKIMS, has also been making headlines, with sizzling promotional photos showcasing the brand’s shapewear. Her hard work has paid off, as her business is now valued at $4 billion.

Power pose: Kim Kardashian graced the cover of Fortune's October/November issue released on Wednesday. Dubbed one of 100 Most Powerful Women by the magazine, the 42-year-old reality TV personality showed she meant business by modeling an oversized, black blazer and matching trousers

Fortune’s October/November issue features Kim Kardashian on the cover, as one of the magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women. The reality TV star showcased her business mindset by sporting an oversized black blazer and matching trousers. Along with a monochromatic brown makeup look that highlighted her striking features, Kardashian also revealed her new project – opening a private equity firm called SKKY Partners. Unlike other celebrities who invest passively, Kardashian plans to be fully hands-on in the venture capital process, showing her dedication to the project.

New venture: In her interview with the outlet, she spoke about her next new project ¿ venture capital and opening her new private equity firm, SKKY Partners

Upcoming endeavor: During her conversation with the media, she discussed her latest upcoming venture which involves venturing into capital investment and launching her own private equity company called SKKY Partners.

Busy woman: As for how she manages such time commitment and multiple endeavors, Kardashian said it is because she has a 'patient mindset' and looks at the bigger picture

The woman in question is quite busy juggling various tasks and commitments. When asked how she manages to handle everything, she revealed that her secret lies in having a patient mindset. She focuses on the bigger picture and takes things one step at a time.

According to an article by Fortune, Scott Budnick, a producer who worked with Kardashian on prison reform, confirmed her dedication to her work. He described her as someone who “sinks her teeth in and goes all in” when she believes in something. Despite juggling various ventures, Kardashian manages her time commitments by having a patient mindset and looking at the bigger picture. Her colleagues describe her as more professional and laid-back in person compared to her onscreen persona. Kardashian is known to speak softly and slowly but is a great listener who takes in all available information before taking action. This approach was developed after feeling unheard due to power dynamics. She is now applying this approach to her newest venture with former Burberry CEO and Apple SVP, Angela Ahrendts, as the senior operating advisor of SKKY Partners.

Driven: As for how she has made it this far despite dealing with people doubting her ability, she said it's her drive to cement her legacy. 'Maybe that's part of my drive, always feeling like people have underestimated me,' she said. 'Maybe that's what keeps me going'

Motivated: Despite facing doubts about her skills, she attributes her success to her motivation to establish a lasting legacy. She believes that her drive to prove the skeptics wrong has contributed to her persistence in pursuing her goals.

During an interview, Kardashian discussed the characteristics of her ideal portfolio company. She stated that she desires an active founder who is fully committed to their company’s success and has a clear vision and dreams. Authenticity and the “magic sauce” are also essential elements that she looks for in a business. Furthermore, she emphasized that working with her fund would not entail transforming a company into something resembling her own brand, as this would be unnecessary and unproductive. Despite encountering skepticism about her abilities, Kardashian explained that her determination to establish her legacy has been a driving force behind her success. She believes that feeling underestimated motivates her to keep pushing forward.

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